• Dublin’s Cody Griggers Accepts U.N. Position

    CODY GRIGGERSThe Dublin Rotary Club received an exciting surprise recently when Dublin native, Cody Griggers, contacted members to let them know that he had taken a new position with the United Nations. You will remember that the rotary club sponsored Griggers as a Peace Scholar so obviously the following press release written by Cody himself is of special interest to every member as well as to the town of Dublin!


    Cody is thrilled to have recently accepted a position as Information Analyst and Reporting Officer with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), based in the capital Monrovia. From there, he works with a team to report on the many complex elements of the UN’s ongoing peacekeeping operation, which is working to consolidate peace and stability in the country in the wake of over a decade of civil war. This includes monitoring and analysing ongoing political developments and the security environment in the country, the human rights situation, and the continued strengthening of the Liberian national police force and security sector.

    After 11 years of living in Southeast Asia, and coming up on a year after completing his term as a Rotary Peace Fellow at the University of Queensland in 2011–2012, Cody is excited to be experiencing a new continent and witnessing firsthand the resilience and energy of a country rebuilding itself after war.

    Since completing his fellowship, Cody was featured as a lead author in the publication From Clause to Effect: Including Women’s Rights and Gender in Peace Agreements, published by the Geneva-based Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, for work done during the Applied Field Experience term of his Rotary Peace Fellowship. He has also completed consulting projects to document indigenous forms of conflict resolution in the Solomon Islands for the University of Queensland and United Nations Development Programme’s Pacific Regional Office, as well as contributing to a report on the rights situation of Iranian political refugees in Turkey.


    Texansunited.com joins everyone in Dublin in sending up a rousing cheer for this young man. Good job, Cody!

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