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    JANELLA-300x199Be sure to mark your calendars for July 20, 2013, in the Clay Room of the Dublin Public Library at 2 pm.

    Since this is our regular summer meeting that we always use as a workshop; it was decided to continue our study of old pictures that afternoon. Tom Roger’s program on analyzing pictures was great – now let us see if we can put the information to use.

    Bring some of your old pictures to share with the group and perhaps, to see if someone can help you decipher them!

    We will have references and samples to put out on the tables to help with the discussion.

    We all know different things and it is always good to have a sharing time – if we have questions that no one can answer, that will be a good subject to attempt to find an expert that can give us another program.

    There are a number of business items to consider, due to the changes at the library and the effect they have on the organization. Pretty much housekeeping to keep the rules and by-laws in accordance with items that need to be changed. Also, this is the meeting that we appoint someone to audit the books and to find officers for the coming year.

    Janey Laquay and I have been working to get a lot of paperwork up-dated and filed – hopefully, this will make things run more smoothly.

    We are so excited about some of the new events in the past months! Sheryl Rascher has agreed edit the news Journal. Wilma Woods Earles and Martha Hancock Starnes are
    working very hard to get information about the communities of old.

    Martha and Sheryl have completed typing to marriage abstracts that were provided by Marilyn Ewers.

    Lots of plans are being made and we are open to suggestions that you have to help – also, if there is an area of expertise that you have and would like to share with us.

    We have also received a larger number of questions on the area and on genealogy. If any of you could help read micro-film/disks;books to help it would be appreciated. We also need to know if there is a particular area of the county that you know well and would be willing to help research.

    Make a note of any new ancestor group you have discovered, and we will include it in next April’s cross-reference of who is working on what genealogy lines. When you get back a ways, it is surprising at the connection we make!

    We are currently gathering stories about strong pioneer woman. I am fascinated at some of the stories that have been submitted. Surely, you have a strong woman, born 1800’s, that lived

    lived in this area, you would like to be remembered and honored. These can be from only a paragraph or so or several pages. If we get more than we have room for ( oh what a wonderful problem) we will save them for a future issue.

    We are also, including some new materials that have come in to up-date and correct information that has been published in preceding Journals.

    Everyone should have already received your April Journal – if for some reason, you have not please contact me at 254 445 2982 or jbhendon@hughes.net.

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