• Dublin’s Norman Sharp Is A True Message Of Hope

    Norman Sharp

    Norman Sharp

    Have you noticed that anger seems to be the emotion of choice for many, many people today? Social media is full of it; mainstream media is full of it, and just plain old everyday people seem to be full of it as well. It’s become impossible to have constructive, serious conversations, and have you tried having a civil discussion about important issues? I seldom try anymore because I’m just too tired of the venom that immediately spews.

    But then…every now and then…someone comes along and reminds me that life is still good and that there are still some happy, caring people in the world who have made it their mission to make others feel good…if only by passing along a simple smile and a wave.

    Dublin’s Patty Hirst first introduced me to the man that is Norman Sharp when she wrote about him on this site. Today, Mr. Sharp remains a Dublin icon and while there are some days that the octogenarian isn’t at his post, for the most part, he still remains the self-proclaimed greeter for Dublin, Texas.


    Norman Sharp keeps a close eye on the downtown businesses in Dublin throughout the day. At about 6AM he comes into town from his home in the Victor community, parks his white pickup by Dublin Floral and makes his rounds.

    Picking up newspapers and putting them in the doors of businesses, checking to make sure nothing is obstructing the sidewalks, and then being on hand to greet merchants and business owners as they as they arrive early to sweep the walks and prepare for the day’s customers.

    His office is the bench at the corner of Patrick and Live Oak Streets. He is ever ready with a big smile, a warm “hello,” an exuberant wave, or a helping hand to the downtown community.

    Norman Sharp and Lois

    Norman Sharp and Lois Henson, owner of Dublin Floral. Norman’s bench sits right outside her shop.

    During the day he drives around Dublin’s dispensing hearty waves and genial smiles from his white pickup. He doesn’t hesitate to pull in and if someone looks like they need a hand to carry or unload a parcel or might have time for a chat.

    Norman has been a faithful friend to Dublin for his eight decades and is characterized by Jim Harrell, “He is a good community person. He’s always loved to help people, always there to do whatever needed to be done, always very jolly.”

    Dublin is so very fortunate to have Norman Sharp as it’s Good Samaritan and ambassador… -Patty Hirst


    And doesn’t it just make your heart feel good to know that there are still Normans walking around in the world today?  And more than that, doesn’t it make you want to be a Norman…if only to lighten the burdens of someone else?

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