• Eddy Parker: The Man Behind The Park Carvings

    And You Can Be A Part Of It All!

    Eddy Parker beside the carving he and Debbie sponsored.

    Eddy Parker beside the carving he and Debbie sponsored.

    I know you’ve seen them; I’ve certainly written about them, but apparently it went right over my head that it was Eddy Parker that we should all be thanking for being the man behind the man who is doing the fabulous carvings in the Comanche City Park. Rickey is the one who let me in on the secret this week and so today, I made my way to the high school to ask Parker if my husband was right. Of course, he was!

    “Bill had the one done by second pavilion, the one that actually looks like a totem pole, and then what happened was that our car club had a swap meet and made a little money. We have our car show at the park every year during the Pow Wow, and we’d been talking about the trees that had died. I’ve been the president of the club for a long time, and at the time, we had been talking about what we could do to get more trees in the park as we were thinking about planting more to replace those that had died.

    “And then someone mentioned that we should get one of the dead trees carved so we discussed planting vs carving. We hated to lose those pretty stumps from the dead trees so I started looking around for someone who might carve them, but everyone I found wanted to carve something soft off site and bring it in, but that would not be OUR tree.

    This gorgeous old lion is featured on the new Lions Club pole.

    This gorgeous old lion is featured on the new Lions Club pole.

    “I finally found Cam Dockery on the Internet. He owns Barely Making It Chain Saw in Whitharral, located west of Lubbock, and he came down one December day. We met and walked the park and made a deal for him to do three trees at a time so we could keep the cost low.

    “That first year, Debbie and I did the Eagles; the Chamber did the Indian, and the Car Club did the car. These were the first three Cam carved for us. He actually finished the day before the Pow Wow. Then, the next three were done by the Lions Club, TMRA, the motorcycle people, and the Kiwanis club.”

    According to Parker, there are eight more trees are ready to be purchased for carving. That means that they are topped at 10’ and ready to carve, but none of them are sold yet. These are located all over the park, and if you, your business, your event or your club would like to purchase one, you simply need to contact Eddy Parker and let him know.

    You can give Cam your logo, but then he will have to make it flow with whatever the tree “is,” at least that is the way Eddy explained it to me.

    “What you give him will be a starting place, but it may not be what ‘is in the tree.’ We’ve sent him photos of the 8 that are ready, and he’s already gotten his vision for them. I’d really like to do several this next year if we can get them sold.”

    And then I asked just how long these carvings should last.

    “He said if we take care of them every year, they should last 50 years. That means taking a wire brush and cleaning them up and then putting a sealer on them each year. Since we started at Pow Wow time, that will be the cleaning time each year.”

    And once again, do you see the tremendous difference that a few volunteers are making in the town of Comanche? Can you just imagine what a lot of volunteers could do?

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