Edward Thomas Broughton b. 1805 South Carolina

Edward Thomas Broughton, Sr.

Edward Thomas Broughton, Sr.

Edward Thomas Broughton was born on March 10, 1805, in South Carolina to Nathaniel Broughton and Sarah Benbow, who were both also born in South Carolina. In 1814, the family moved to Monroe County, Alabama after having moved to Georgia for some amount of time. Nathaniel and Sarah are listed as members of the New Salem Church in Monroe County in 1839.

Edward Thomas Broughton married Rachel Winborne Walker on December 18, 1823. Rachel was born about 1800 in Chester County, South Carolina to Dempsey Winborne, Jr. and Pricilla Owen. Dempsey was an ordained minister in the Old Salem Baptist Church in Monroe County, Alabama. Rachel’s grandfather, Dempsey Winborne, Sr., was a soldier in the American Revolution from York County, South Carolina.

Rachel was married first to a man named Robert Walker in Monroe County. The couple had one son, J.O. Walker, who became a minister and a physician.

Edward Thomas Broughton was very active in Monroe County, where he owned land. He was the sheriff of that county, and he served (1840-1841) in the Alabama House of Representatives. He also served (1826-1833) as the Justice of the Peace in Monroe County.

In 1842, Broughton sold his land to his father, and he and Rachel moved to Quachita County, Arkansas, where they lived until 1847 before moving in 1848 to Jasper County, Texas. In 1849, the family moved to Cherokee County, Texas and then in 1851, they moved to Smith County, Texas, where Broughton served as Clerk of Court in the Commissioner’s Court (1853-1854). The 1860 census for Smith County shows him with an estate valued at $3,000 with $12,000 in personal property.

The Broughtons remained Smith County until after the Civil War, when they moved to Kaufman County to be closer to sons, Dempsey and Edward Thomas, Jr. Rachel died in 1869, but her burial site has been lost. After her death, her husband moved with their son, Nathaniel William Broughton, and his family to Comanche County, Texas, settling in the Rock Bluff Community at some point.

Rock Bluff Baptist Church

Rock Bluff Baptist Church

In 1879, the Broughtons joined with families by the name of Clark, Reece, Smith, Skaggs, Howard, Lewis, Strickland, and Reynolds in organizing the Rock Bluff Baptist Church. For whatever reason, in May of 1881, the church withdrew fellowship from the Broughtons.

Edward Thomas Broughton, Sr. died April 31, 1891; he is buried in the Rock Bluff Cemetery in Comanche County.


*Information from The Lone Star State, History of Texas, and minutes from the Rock Bluff Baptist Church.

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