• Erath County Genealogy Society To Meet

    Written by Janella Hendon

    Next meeting – January 25th at 2 pm in the Dublin Public Library. Note that in 2014, January and April are the fourth Saturday. This accommodates library scheduling conflicts and Easter.

    2014 meetings are scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays, January 25, April 26, July 19, October 18.
    2014 Dues – If you have not done so already, submit dues to Secretary, Janey Laquey. You may wish to arrive early to do so before our next meeting and visit with fellow members.

    Plan to share with the group – something about your personal genealogy goals, an activity you have in work or have completed, and perhaps your personal genealogical goals for 2014.

    Submit your updated list of Names / Places you wish to research. Bring it to the meeting, pass it to me, or email it to Sheryl Rascher sdrascher@verizon.net for the April 2014 ECGS Journal. You may want to include some short story or information you uncovered in your research. The discovery that you found exciting is likely of interest to the group! Contributions can be but do not have to be a multiple page story. Your finding may be that missing evidence someone else has been looking for!

    Since we re-organized in 2003, there have been changes in people, resources, technology, etc. This is the time of year we all make plans and resolutions. January is a good time to host.

    Group discussion to:

    • review ECGS accomplishments
    • discuss how ECGS can help Members achieve their personal goals
    • discuss ways for ECGS projects to benefit to the community
    • establish and prioritize ECGS goals
    • discuss how to best accomplish those objectives

    Consider which ECGS project best supports your personal objectives:

    • Historical Preservation – hunting and gathering
    • Education – teaching and learning
    • Society Collection – inventory, maintenance, acquisition
    • Public Relations – getting the word out

    Jot down your ideas for programs, workshops, field trips or any genealogical activities in which you are interested in participating. Share them with me, or Harrell Gilbreath hjg1938@gmail.com.

    This is a lot to cover in one or two hours, so please consider these points in advance of the meeting. We are looking forward to an exciting, lively participating group. We want this to be Your Society and to meet Your Needs.

    Hope to see you there!

    Janella Hendon
    President – Erath County Genealogical Society

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    3 Responses to Erath County Genealogy Society To Meet

    1. One thing you left out about the January meeting was the amount of the annual dues
      in case anyone new would like to join. Does your society have some kind of monthly, quarterly or annual bulletin??? Many of many ancestors and relatives were involved in Erath and Eastland County histories. Thank you for a reply and Happy New Year!

    2. How much are your dues and due you publish a bulletin?

    3. Janella Hendon says:

      Our dues are $15.00 per year and we publish a 70 pages Journal twice a year. We try to keep members up to date with email contact once to twice a month. We meet 4 times a year for regular meetings, and have workshops/ field trips as needed for the group. Our projects include trying to record as much of the history of Erath County — and much of the surrounding counties. We try to connect members with others who are working on the same lines — surprising how often the lines meet after 3 or 4 generations back — one of our goals is to help members and “try not to have them constantly reinventing the wheel. If members who cannot attend a meeting and live locally are requested to pick up their Journals at the library — members who live out of town have them mailed to them — usually the next week after the meeting. Please feel free to email me if you have other questions.

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