Eva McCorkle And Her 1920s Recipes

For more on Eva Edna McCorkle and husband B. Ray, be sure to read their story in the Comanche County, Texas Family Books. The following is a 1981 obit from Mrs. Eva Edna McCorkle:

“Mrs. Eva Edna McCorkle, 89, lifetime resident of Comanche County, who lived in Beattie and Comanche for many years, died Tuesday, September 29, in Comanche Community Hospital.

“Funeral services for Mrs. McCorkle are pending at Comanche Funeral Home. Burial will be in Pendergrass Cemetery, near Sidney. Rev. John Lukert, pastor of the First United Methodist Church, Comanche, will officiate.

“Mrs. McCorkle was born February 16, 1892. She was a member of the Methodist Church. Her late husband, B. Ray McCorkle, died January 27, 1971, taught in several Comanche school systems, and served as County School Superintendent for a number of years.

“She is survived by one son, Howell P. McCorkle of Alabama, and two daughters, Eva Lee Patton of College Station and Ruth Piana of Pasadena.”

B. RAY AND EVA MCCORKLE According to Pat Welch, “This picture was taken about 1948-49 at the McCorkle home place at Beattie, dating from 1895 when my grandfather, Richard McCorkle, bought the place. Sometime about 1930 when Richard's health failed, Uncle Ray worked out a trade with him for the house at Sidney. Uncle Ray was about 6'4" and Aunt Eva about 5'. You can see in the picture how much taller he was than she. Daniel Pinkard was her father.”

In between the obit and the picture above came the dash in Eva’s life, a time when she was apparently a very productive citizen in Comanche County. The following are her recipes that were published in the Comanche Chief during the 1920s.

Old Fashioned Pound Cake

1 pound flour, sifted several times

1 pound sugar

1 pound good sweet butter

1 dozen eggs, or 11 large eggs

Beat egg yolks and whites separately. After the yolks have been beaten good, add the butter and when this is a smooth cream, add the sugar, continuing the process of beating until the mixture is smooth and light.

A very small quantity of flour should be added at a time until the pound is taken up. Then fold in egg whites, which have been so stiffly they will remain in the dish when inverted, beating or working batter with yolks until it is very light.

Bake in loaf pan from three to four hours.

This recipe appeared in the Comanche Chief on July 6, 1923. It was submitted by Mrs. B. Ray McCorkle. I have changed nothing with the exceptions of breaking into paragraphs for easier reading. I assume Mrs. McCorkle did not have an oven with a thermostat, so we’ll have to guess as to temp and time.

Sugar Pie

Mrs. McCorkle also submitted the following recipe:

To make two pies one whips together 3 eggs, 2 cups sugar, 3 Tbsp. flour, half cup cream, and half cup butter, softened to a cream. Add flavoring as desired. Bake mixture in a flaky pie crust.

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  1. Gail Peters says:

    I have been enjoying seeing the words “Comanche County, Texas” on this site so very much. My maternal grandparents were William Arthur “Aught” and Anna Adelaide “Addie” Allen Janes, who lived near Comanche for many years. As a young child in the 1940’s, I visited them every summer. I am interested in genealogy, but haven’t found very much information about the Janes family. One name I have is Sovern Wallace Janes. Would love to hear from anyone who finds my post of interest to them……
    Thanks for the recipes and the artical about the McCorkles.
    Gail Peters

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