Eva Sue Johnson, This Incredible Lady That Just Keeps On Giving

Eva Sue Johnson can ride the elliptical as well as anyone in the center.

Eva Sue Johnson can ride the elliptical as well as anyone in the center.

Around the year 2000 or so I started going to the Wellness Center in Comanche for a daily workout. The Wellness Center at that time was attached to the back of the Comanche Hospital just off South Houston Street. I felt very fortunate that Comanche had a gym or workout center with that much quality equipment.

The clientele was as good as the equipment and I enjoyed the comaraderie with friends. Different Physical Therapists or PT Tech’s would monitor the center seeing that the participants did not injure themselves or have other health needs. I enjoyed them all.

In 2006 we had a new PT Tech begin working in the center named Eva Sue Johnson. Little did I know that she had worked with my wife at the new hospital between DeLeon and Comanche nor did I know that she was the mother of Tina Bingham who had provided me with nursing services at the hospital. My wife made all those connections for me after a workout when I told her about our new supervisor.

It didn’t take me long to realize that there was something special about Eva Sue. She didn’t just monitor all of us gym rats and provide the necessary assistance in Physical Therapy, she got to know us all and made us feel unbelievably welcome each time we came to the center. She has proven to be a great listener and has become a true friend and confidant to us all. It is amazing how she knows so much about each person without ever making an unwanted inquiry into anyone’s business. She has a gift!

Birthdays do not get past her nor does sympathy needs as well as any other special event in our lives that may not be on the calendar or in the newspaper. She provides that stroke of love that we all need when we need it the most. We all keep coming back for that as much as we come for the physical exercise.

Evidently Eva Sue has been a giver all her life, most of which has been lived in Comanche. After graduation from Comanche High School in 1959 she immediately went to work at Dellin Children’s Home right across the street from the current home of the First Baptist Church. That facility cared for severely handicapped children which must have been tailor-made for the Eva Sue Baker.

In 1960 she married Glenn Johnson and they commenced to raise three daughters: Rhonda, Tina, and Cyndi. After working at Dellin she began working at the sewing factory in Comanche and stayed in that job for nine years before deciding to become a full time Mother and wife. She did this until the youngest graduated from high school.

In 1982 Eva Sue embarked on a new career as she entered nursing school at Ranger College. Through her coursework she became a Licensed Vocational Nurse. When she had completed her training at DeLeon Hospital, she remained as a permanent employee. She worked there until the move to the new facility south of DeLeon.

In 2006 she came to work for Brad Bettis at Comanche County Physical Therapy and Wellness Center where she is today. Besides monitoring the Wellness Center for those of us going through daily exercise, she also is a Physical Therapy Technician.

Eva Sue has 13 grandchildren thanks to those three daughters as well as seven great grandchildren, thanks to those grandchildren. On every major holiday her house becomes the central gathering place for the family that she cherishes beyond words. Since cooking is one of her most favorite hobbies it goes without saying that there are some terrific fixins’ during those holiday gatherings and I’m sure plenty for everyone there.

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Center opens at 7 a.m. on Monday-Wednesday-Friday but if you happen to go by there at 5 a.m. you will see this incredible lady there with the early birds. On Tuesday and Thursday the opening time is 8 a.m. and she is there at 6. I asked her one day why she came in two hours early. Her answer: “it is one way for me to be of service to others”.

Eva Sue bakes for friends, nieces, nephews, those in need, and on some occasions for us gym rats. She sews and crochets to satisfy yet another hobby. Her favorite hobby is  giving and she seems to have an unlimited supply of this. Those of us who know and love Eva Sue Johnson are grateful for her friendship or kinship every day!

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