• Even Dallas Is In The Heritage Tourism Business, Folks!

    Dallas Tee Shirts

    Dallas Tee Shirts*

    I had to laugh when I received my last Medallion in the mail. Why? Because the cover touts downtown Dallas with the title “A Different Dallas.” I suppose those not into heritage and promoting heritage tourism had to read the story, but this was one time that I could actually judge the book (or the mag, as it be) by its cover!

    So why in the world would a city like Dallas with all of its restaurants, hotels, venues, sports teams, malls, parties, (and the list could go on forever), be promoting its history as a means of getting more people into its city limits? Money…we all want it, and history sells, plain and simple.

    And if Big D needs to sell its history, so do you and so do we! Let’s get to brainstorming!!

    Oh, and if you think the number one bit of history promoted by the city of Dallas is something clean and pretty, you might want to think again. Remember November 1963?

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