Exciting New Happenings At Frontier Tire!!

Blandon and Mary Ann

Blandon and Mary Ann

First of all, I have to send out a HUGE thank you to Mary Ann and Blandon Gore of Frontier Tire in Comanche for being the banner sponsor of our Points of Interest page for Comanche, Texas right here on texansunited.com! This is the third year in a row that Frontier Tire has made it possible for others to see that there really are fun things to see and do in Comanche County, and here at United we appreciate the Gores for that!

The really big news about Frontier Tire, however, has to do with two new pieces of equipment that has taken buying new tires, having tires aligned, or even having tires rotated to a whole new playing field, and United is very proud to be able to sing the praises of everyone involved.

Hunter Road Force Balance Machine

“When we sell a set of tires, we now put them on the Hunter Road Force Balance Machine, which is all computerized. Then we apply two thousand pounds of pressure to the tires, just as if you were driving down the road. The machine stabilizes the tire and then shoots a laser down onto the tires. This makes balancing so precise that it shows us exactly where the weight should be applied.”

Blandon explains just how precise the Hunter Road Force Balance Machine actually is.

Blandon explains just how precise the Hunter Road Force Balance Machine actually is.

Mary Ann and Blandon went on to explain that this is how the process works on good tires. Unfortunately, tires straight from the manufacturer are not always perfect. The beauty of the Hunter Road Force Balance Machine is that it makes it known when a tire does not meet the requirements to be put on the road. Therefore, a faulty tire is never put on a vehicle and is immediately returned to the manufacturer.

“The beauty of it is that we catch it here, and the customer never has to deal with the problem.”

The amazing thing to me is the way the machine can communicate. For instance, it might tell those installing the tires that a particular tire would optimize the customer’s ride much better if it were installed on the left front, removing any guesswork whatsoever. Again, I’ll say amazing!

And if you think you need your tires balanced, Frontier Tire can use the Hunter Road Force Balance Machine to check your existing tires. The machine will assess the tires and provide the customer with a computerized printout that shows exactly what (if anything) the tires, wheels, or rims might need. And there’s not another machine like it for a hundred mile radius!

Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine

There’s also second machine that has everyone at Frontier Tire smiling.

Blandon was happy to show off their new Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine.

Blandon was happy to show off their new Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine.

The Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine can tell the techs in less than a minute whether your vehicle needs an alignment or not. Because of the specialized nature of the machine, all techs must be ASE (Automotive Service Educated) certified to even be able to operate it. You won’t find anyone at Frontier Tire who hasn’t been through an intense Hunter training in road force balance, alignment, and tire installation!

“We have the largest inventory within a hundred miles, and we only align with the best parts available. With every set of tires a customer purchases, we give a $29.00 value diagnostic printout that shows him exactly how his car is aligned, both good and bad.”

And just in case you are wondering, you’ll never stop by Frontier Tire and find yourself unable to talk to an owner about your specific needs. That’s a promise that Blandon and Mary Ann are proud to be able to make, and they’ve stood on it 5 ½ days a week for the past 13 years!

And here at texansunited.com, we send out a huge CONTRATS to Blandon and Mary Ann as well as everyone else at Frontier Tire for staying on the cutting edge in their field!

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