• A Falcon And A Snake? Yeah, Right!

    The following came to us from Comanche, Texas graduate, Steve Dueboay, or the Impulsive Texan as he is known in the blogging world. Supposedly this happened in the Comal River (New Braunfels) Texas. I cannot tell you that it is true, but it is interesting to say the least!


    This has to be the weirdest thing that ever floated past me in the river…

    A very angry chicken snake wound tightly around a struggling falcon’s neck. They both were stuck together in a deadly embrace, each wanting to kill the other first.

    My guess is that the falcon dove down and snatched the tasty chicken snake from a nearby patch of open ground and the snake somehow got its tail wound around the falcon’s neck and began strangling the hapless birdin midair, subsequently causing both of them to fall into the nearby Comal river. Unbelievably, they both survived and are alive and well, considering the odd circumstances.

    I think if a few more minutes had elapsed, the chicken snake might have won the contest as the snake’s tail was actually tied in a tight knot around the bird’s neck and getting tighter by the second. I quickly pulled them from the water and quickly untied the snake.

    As one can plainly see, they both made it.

    This is a prime example of those odd ball stories you occasionally tell which is usually acknowledges with”Yeah, Right !!!!!”

    But as you can see……here’s presented the actual proof…and I have the pictures to prove it.

    Amazingly neither of the exhausted pair tried to bite or scratch me. The chicken snake, though not at all venomous, didn’t want to stop biting the falcon’s leg, it only let go after I had untied its body from around the bird’s neck.

    Water was drained out of the falcon;s lungs via the “birdie inversion technique.” I stayed with the bird till it was almost dry and ready to fly away.

    A tightly wound chicken snake around a startled falcon’s neck has got to be one of the weirdest things I have ever seen and pulled out of the water…….. so far !!!!



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    1. everyonesxwife says:

      You are a wonderful person. A lot of people would have stopped and just watched as the two animals fought to the death of one or both. But I value the natural resources available to me living in the country, and I would be deeply saddened by the death of a falcon or any kind of a hawk/falcon type bird. I would also be saddened by the death of a non-poisonous snake. Most of my friends feel the same way and I have tried to raise my kids to be respectful of life in general. If given the opportunity, I would have done the same as you did. My boyfriend would have been extremely upset with me (hates snakes) and my 86 year old dad would have just sadly shook his head at my “hippie ways”. So if neither of them (snake or falcon) took the time to say thank you, I will. THANK YOU.

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