Farm Bureau Adds New Agent In Comanche!

De Leon’s Todd Whatley Joins Farm Bureau

TODD WHATLEYHe’s cute, single, stable, and eligible, ladies, and he’s joined Dendy, Wade and the crew as a new agent at Farm Bureau in Comanche. Actually, Todd Whatley has been working in Comanche since October 1, 2014, and he invites you to come out and visit with him about all of your insurance needs.

Most of us have known Todd “forever” since he is a local Comanche County boy who graduated from high school in 1989. Todd went on to attend Tarleton State University before taking a job as a USDA inspector in south Texas.

“I really enjoyed south Texas,” he confided in me. The only thing wrong with it was that it wasn’t home.”

Whatley returned to Comanche County and took a position at Kohler before going into car sales.

“I’m just me, and that’s all people will see when they meet me. I’m up front, and as forthcoming as possible, and that is the way I will be every day. I’ve been in Comanche County all of my life and most people already know me.

“I can help you choose the life, home, and auto insurance that will best fit your needs. We are a local company, which means that you are not just a policy number to us. We’re going to know who you are every time you walk in the door. We’ll also know who you are when you call us on the phone, and we are going to do our best to help you. That’s service you aren’t going to find when you call an answering machine in New Jersey.

“The older I get, the more I fully understand just how important it is to keep our dollars local.”

And that’s Todd Whatley the insurance agent. But…who is Todd the person?

When he’s not taking care of his insurance customers, Todd enjoys coffee shops and talking to the locals. He also loves riding his motorcycle.

“I really enjoy riding in the country and looking at the country settings. I’m not a big deer hunter, but I do enjoy watching them.”

As I told you, Todd Whatley is not married, “but I have a niece and nephew that I love to spend time with. They are six and eight and the perfect age to have fun.”

Feel free to stop in at Farm Bureau in Comanche anytime. The coffeepot is always on, and you’ll find a cold drink in the fridge. And don’t forget…a Farm Bureau membership provides many great benefits and lots of ways to save money on things like eye glasses, car seats, hearing aids, amusement park tickets, and the list goes on and on so give Todd a call today!


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