Fast And Furious? Americans Furious!


Was it criminal behavior on the part of the ATF or was it just a job done very, very badly? I’ve yet to be able to sort it out, but I know that gun stores contacted the proper authorities with their concerns that loads of guns were being purchased and possibly heading south of the border.

These owners were reassured that nothing was amiss and that it was fine to sell the assault weapons, etc. enmasse. Now, we know better. Two agents are dead and these same guns are showing up at numerous crime scenes.

And now in these troubled economic times Congress is having to take time to investigate just what in the world happened to allow thousands of weapons to cross the Mexican border and then recross into the U.S. in the hands of murderers.

Once again, it seems that Eric Holder is in the hot seat.

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2 Responses to Fast And Furious? Americans Furious!

  1. Sam Vineyard says:

    I have been keeping up on this case for awhile now and the only thing I can tell you is when you have dumb people running the country, things like this will happen all the time. Someone thought this might make for some good mews and get their names up in the spotlight (and thus get some votes when the time comes). But the plot backfired and now it has been turned over to Congress to investagate. Come on spare me. The ones doing the investagating will be the ones that appointed these air heads to head the office that thought up this plan or at the least ok’d the appointment. It will die a slow death and never come to anything that we wil find out. Politicians always watch each others back no matter which party they belong to. Remember when the freshman Congressman called Obama a liar in his speech before Congress. Both sides jumped on him with both feet in the media, even McCain, and everyone knew he was tellig a lie. They will cover it up and maybe the person that thought up this insane idea will be promoted into another office and told to keep a low profile for awhile.

  2. Sam Vineyard says:

    This case was thought up by the CIA and went bad from the start. They never expected it to come to light in the media, but now that it has, Congress is going to waste their time in investigating it. Nothing will ever come out that any certain person did wrong, or if it does that person will just get promoted to another office and told to keep a low media profile for awhile.

    The whole thing is against the law for them to do but it happens all the time in our government. It was against the Constitution for Obama to get into the Libya conflict, but we are spending lots of money we don’t have over there. No one in government thinks our Constitution or our laws applies to them.

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