• Feeding the Future, One College Student At A Time

    In the fall of 2010, Greens Creek Methodists of Dublin, Texas got into the rotation of churches who served Monday lunch at the Wesleyn Foundation on the Tarleton State University campus.

    With a menu of hearty submarine sandwiches, salad, chips and desserts, this small congregation undertook the task of providing lunch for roughly 100 students once a month. In academic terms, Greens Creek is now a second semester sophomore at this task though the church was established in 1879 and has a long history of service.

    Drawing on members who can get a little leeway on the lunch hour and a few who are retired, the routine has become quite smooth on the serving line.

    As students pass by to fill their plates there are smiles and thanks for the meal; many of the students have become “regulars” and sharing the common repast is comforting and rewarding to both sides of the table.

    A short devotion is delivered as the food is consumed, then “open for seconds” is announced and always gets a welcome response. Within an hour or under, food and fellowship are shared; then it’s time to get back to class and on with the day.

    Dublin’s Greens Creek Methodists are glad to be part of the future and have this opportunity on the TSU campus.

    About Patty Hirst

    It doesn’t take long to discover that Patty Hirst loves Dublin, Texas, and the people who live in Dublin. She is also one of the reasons that Texansunited.com has been able to show the world just how special this Irish Texas town actually is. Quite often here on Texans United, you will find Patty in our News section, weighing in on what is happening in Dublin. But Patty Hirst is also a thinker, maybe even a dreamer,if you will. She sees the beauty in things that others never see...whether it be a rock, a single rose, or the stranger sitting on the park bench. Yes, Patty thinks good thoughts, and we've asked her to share thosse thoughts with all of us.
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