• Flying Over America The Beautiful

    “They” tell us that everything is wrong; it’s all bad. “They” make us feel that there is no hope left, that the good times are really over for good. “They” make us run to grab the remote when the nightly news appears on the screen. But…”they” are wrong, aren’t they?

    I’ve thought about it a lot, and I’ve decided that the people who run this country simply do not love it like I love it. If they did, they would sit down together and do whatever it takes to save her. Below is very short, and I don’t think you can watch it without wiping a tear or two at just how great and majestic America really is. Enjoy!

    About Fredda Jones

    Fredda Davis Jones was raised “in the country” in Comanche County and learned very early that creativity and innovation are traits that can flourish even in small-town Texas and that with enough effort, indeed nothing is impossible, including being married to the same man for over 40 years! Rickey and Fredda have 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and a crazy life that includes sitting in the bleachers several times a week. The rest of her time is spent creating great content for texansunited.com and marketing small-town Texas.
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