Frontier Tire Is Ready To Rotate

Since summer is coming up and there will be a lot of traveling Frontier Tire and Service
wants to make sure everyone gets to their destinations safely. It is very important every 5,000 to 8,000 miles to keep your tires rotated.  Basically it is rearranging the tires on your car or truck. Each tire on a vehicle carries a different amount of weight making them wear at different rates. Rotating your tires will make your treads wear more evenly.

Frontier Tire in Comanche knows how busy you are and how fast you need service.  If the bays are full and they know you are in a hurry, they will take care of your needs right in the parking lot if able.  The customer service is OUTSTANDING!  It cannot be beat!!

Happy Traveling!!

DSC_0889The vehicle pulled in and in no time there was someone there jacking it up and getting her ready for the tire rotation.

DSC_0893All jacked up and ready 

DSC_0895Tightening up the lugs and ready to roll out.
In in and out in a jiffy!!!


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  1. missyjones says:

    Being a single lady, I think that every single lady needs service people that she can depend on. And everyone else comes under the same category of needing good service people. I know that when I have a question or a problem or need tires, Blandon and Mary Ann and their crew will deal with me honestly and fairly. That has taken one load off my mind. Thanks to them and to the Comanche crew that they have working with them. Missy Jones, Comanche

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