• Fun Times At Ben Hogan Museum In Dublin!

    Scott McClure of Iron Mountain, MI had a great time in the Ben Hogan Museum of Dublin this week.

    He posed for pictures for his wife alongside the bronze statue of Mr. Hogan, inspired by the world-famous picture of the 18th hole at the 1950 U.S. Open in Merion, PA. Scott used a Hogan 1-wood to copy the famous Hogan swing for his version of the “comeback” picture, although Mr. Hogan actually used a 1-iron to win the Open.


    Scott and his wife are snow-birds and will head back to Minnesota as soon as the ice thaws in Minnesota or Texas starts to sizzle. The pair traveled throughout the Southern U.S. in their motorhome and said the Hogan Museum was the highlight of their trip.

    The Hogan pose is famously known as the comeback picture because it was taken just 16 months after Hogan was critically injured in a head-on collision with a bus in Far West Texas. He was not expected to walk again, much less to play winning golf. Three years later, he won golf’s Triple Crown (the U.S. Open, the Masters and the British Open).

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