• Genealogical Society Document Comanche County Graves!

    How fabulous! How fabulous! was all I could say when I sat down to meet with members of the Comanche County, Texas Genealogical Society recently inside the Comanche County Museum. A group of the members consisting of Henry Adcock, Rose Taylor, Linda Frank, Delma Walters, Steve and Starla Russell, Richard Pinkard, and Joe McEntire are doing unbelievable work that people will be using for years and years to come.

    Pictured: Rose, Delma,  Richard, Henry, Steve, Linda

    Believe it or not, these men and women have taken it upon themselves to “do,” as they say, every cemetery in Comanche County. To date, they have completed over fifty of the eighty plus cemeteries located in the county.

    Now if you are like me, you are wondering what in the world it means to “do” a cemetery, right? Well, here is the process:

    1. Choose a cemetery.
    2. Divide it into sections.
    3. Divide the sections into rows.
    4. Going up each row, take a photo of each tombstone, including those that are only marked with stones or whatever. Also, transcribe all information from the tombstone.

    Volunteers then come back and enter all information into a spreadsheet and then begin looking for death certificates (usually on Family Search) for those found in the cemetery.

    Once all of this is done, members burn the information to a CD and give it to Addie Ratliff who puts the photos and information on Find A Grave. In fact, I was told that the Comanche County group has located information that Find A Grave has never been able to locate.

    While Addie is working with Find A Grave, the others are back at the museum putting together hard copy notebooks that will be displayed in the Family History section of the museum, and what an untold treasure this will be for those who are searching!

    When I asked just how much had been accomplished in the year and a half that the group has been working, I was astounded. From Newburg to DeLeon, the entire east side of the county is complete!

    This is such an unbelievable service that these volunteers are performing for the county. It is our belief that they should win every award possible this year.

    If you know of graves that are not in a known cemetery, please call Steve Russell 254-842-5199 with any information.The new county map shows two more cemeteries in Lamkin that the group cannot find. If you know of these cemeteries, please let them know. These extra cemeteries were not listed on the old county map.

    Also, if you know the location of unmarked graves PLEASE let Steve know.

    When I asked the group what their plans for the future are, Henry replied that they would just keep plugging along. Before the words were out of his mouth, the others called out, “Finish This Project!!”

    About Fredda Jones

    Fredda Davis Jones was raised “in the country” in Comanche County and learned very early that creativity and innovation are traits that can flourish even in small-town Texas and that with enough effort, indeed nothing is impossible, including being married to the same man for over 40 years! Rickey and Fredda have 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and a crazy life that includes sitting in the bleachers several times a week. The rest of her time is spent creating great content for texansunited.com and marketing small-town Texas.
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    10 Responses to Genealogical Society Document Comanche County Graves!

    1. Anna W. Thompson says:

      Thank you, Fredda, for writing up this project. It is an ambitious undertaking. Volunteers are welcome and may join any time. Of course, they should first become members of our Comanche County Genealogical Society. Henry Adcock is the treasurer. With more participation, we may not have to worry any more where the money will be coming from for paper, cartridges, sleeves, and ring binders.

      As the Comanche County Historical Commission’s marker chairman, I know that this project will make it easier for local cemetery associations to get the information together to get a historical designation for their cemeteries. So far, we have only two designations in the entire county. Designations are now prerequisites for future historical markers. We have so much history in this county. A lot of it is waiting to be told by researching the pioneers in our cemeteries. A start is made. Let’s keep the ball rolling!

    2. Kelly Burns says:

      My GGreat grandfather Samuel F. Brown lived in Comanche for years and then got ill and had to move to Engle, NM, for health , he then was brought back and burried in Comanche,Texas. He was buried in Oakwood cemetery,15th April,1918. I was told he was well known. I have not been able to find any info on him there. If there is any help as to how I find info in your county,please let me know. Thank You Kelly Burns

    3. James H Tally says:

      just saw this post….would have enjoyed doing some of this research for Toliver Cemetery. My Great Grandparents and many other relatives are buried there. If any additional work is needed there please let me know….thx

    4. Caren Dee Eames says:

      My 3rd g grandfather Alexander Elliot Hodge 1800-1887 lived in Comanche County ,Texas
      at his death but i can’t find map of his land or a buriel. All my mothers family even her was
      born in Comanche , Hamilton , Gustine and surrounding area’s

    5. Caren Dee Eames says:

      I’m looking for year books for Comanche schools from 1918-1928
      where could I found these and who might sell them >

      Thank You
      Caren Dee Eames

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