• Geneva Mercer’s Chocolate Pie

    Geneva Mercer

    Geneva Mercer

    I never do this, but I’m going to have to begin with a disclaimer this week. I did NOT make Geneva’s pie, and I have never made it. I HAVE, however, eaten it several, several times, and it is delicious. Of course, if you knew Geneva, you know that she never made anything that wasn’t delicious, right?

    The truth of the matter is that I have written at least a million referral letters; my MIL was in the hospital for a couple of days; my daughter had a birthday; my parents had a flood; we are still playing ball in our family, and my nephew is getting married this weekend. In short, I’m NOT cooking this week…period, and if life doesn’t slow down, I may never cook again!   :)


    “Back in the depression, we didn’t have recipe books, and we lived in West Texas and took the Dallas Morning News’ the “Semi-Weekly Farm News” for a while. I was not much more than a child, but I would cut out the recipes. I loved chocolate pie so I got this chocolate pie recipe and have used it all of these years.” -Geneva


    2 Cups Sugar
    1/2 Cup Flour
    5 Tablespoons Cocoa
    Lump of Butter
    4 Eggs
    3 Cups Milk
    1 Tablespoon Vanilla


    1. Mix sugar, flour, and cocoa together.

    2. Stir in beaten egg yolks and milk.

    3. Cook until thickened, stirring constantly.

    4. Add flavoring and butter.

    5. Pour in baked pie crust.

    6. Beat egg whites into meringue and place on top of pie.

    7. Brown in oven.

    This is enough to make 2 pies.

    This same recipe can be used to make other pies. For coconut, leave out the cocoa and add coconut or coconut flavoring instead.

    Geneva’s sister Missy said, “Geneva made wonderful peanut butter pies. Over the baked pie crust she would spoon a layer of smooth peanut butter. Then, she would put the custard (without the cocoa) over the peanut butter. The meringue went over all of this, and she might even sprinkle some peanuts on the meringue.

    Missy went on to tell me that the custard portion of this pie makes the best banana pudding EVER!

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    2 Responses to Geneva Mercer’s Chocolate Pie

    1. Janet Jobe Gindlesperger says:

      Really loved her and I’ll bet I have eaten this pie at some of the old McCullough reunions! Those dear ladies tried to outdo each other and you just didn’t eat for a week before the reunion so you could load up. Some of the best fried chicken, potato salad and desserts I have ever eaten!

    2. missyjones says:

      Fredda, thanks for highlighting this recipe from my dear sister, Geneva Cox Mercer. Yes, she was a lovely lady and the best cook ever. Our family has made this pie, in it’s many variations, for many years. And the newspaper she was talking about, when she cut out the recipe, is from when she and my brother Wilburn Cox and our parents were all living in West Texas, near Knott, Ackerly, Stanton and Big Spring, Texas. Missy Jones

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