• George Bush, A Library, And Surging Polls



    Apparently, all it takes for people to come to love one of the most hated men in the country (so the media led us to believe) is a few years out of office and a fabulous new library. I mean, seriously, did you see the Diane Sawyer/George W. Bush interview? I absolutely did, and I simply could not shake the feeling that I must have entered the Twilight Zone…or maybe Love Connection would be a better analogy!

    Even more importantly, have you read Donna Brazile’s article on the great job George W. did in handling Katrina?

    Donna Brazile, a CNN contributor and a Democratic strategist, is vice chairwoman for voter registration and participation at the Democratic National Committee. She is a nationally syndicated columnist, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and author of “Cooking with Grease: Stirring the Pot in America.” She was manager for the Gore-Lieberman presidential campaign in 2000.”

    There has been no bigger critic of George W. Bush than Donna Brazile and yet just last week she writes “Every member of my family was displaced by Katrina. Last year, I lost both my  father and sister. But I had them with me that much longer because they were  rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina…

    “Bush put a special emphasis on rebuilding schools and  universities. He didn’t forget African-Americans: Bush provided $400 million to  the historically black colleges, now integrated, that remain a pride, and magnet  for African-American students. Laura Bush, a librarian, saw to it that thousands  of books ruined by the floods were replaced.

    “Our recovery can be credited to the civility and tireless efforts  of President Bush and other Americans.”

    This absolutely was NOT what Brazile was saying in real time back during the Bush White House years. No, at that time Brazile was dedicated to making sure her party was elected, and she could not afford to credit the President with anything, including saving her family. Instead, the Texan President was made out to be a bumbling idiot, and people blindly followed the asumption.

    And finally, have you noticed that the popularity poll numbers of former President George W. Bush are surging? In fact, according to CNN this past week end Bush’s numbers have doubled, putting him in the same popularity range as our current President.

    And do you know why this is?

    Once again, the American public is allowing itself to be manipulated by others. We are told George Bush is bad so….George Bush is bad. We are now told George is good so…by dang, old George must be good, and no one seems to have the sense to think for himself, choosing rather to let others do it for him.

    Scary thought isn’t it?

    (On a much lighter note, I can’t wait to visit what is apparently a fabulous library!)

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