Glen Rose, Texas: Barnard’s Mill

307 S.W. Barnard Street
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
Barnard’s Mill

In 1860, Charles E. Barnard settled on the banks of the Paluxy River in what today is the heart of Glen Rose, Texas, but to understand just how and why this came to be it is necessary to backtrack just a bit and briefly track the very interesting life of Barnard pre-1860.

Charles E. Barnard was born in Connecticut in 1823; he came to Texas at the age of twenty-one and joined his brother in the Trading Post business. Just two years later, Barnard was able to purchase a young woman who had been captured by the Comanche, a woman he would wed just two years later.

The Barnards understood the need for protection.

For the next decade, the Barnard brothers operated various trading posts across Central Texas, and Charles and his wife birthed fourteen children. However, in 1860 the brothers’ Indian customers were placed on reservations, and they found themselves out of business…thus the move to build the gristmill on the Paluxy that immediately became known as Barnard’s mill.

Today, the mill is owned by the Somervell County Historical Society who offers informative guided tours of the property as well as the art gallery. There is no charge to visit Barnard’s Mill, which is built of native stone from nearby Chalk Mountain; however, the historical society certainly accepts donations.

Regular hours are Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 1:00 until 5:00. You might want to call ahead if you plan to visit at a time other than regular hours or email

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