• God’s Not Dead….Is He?

    “Face it, people, Grandma was an ape. Why do you think we have these?” the professor asked my long ago biology class as he held up his thumbs there in Stephenville, Texas.

    Never one to care a whole lot about “what others might think” if I knew I was right, I stood and walked out of that auditorium classroom to make my point on that particular day.  It was a long time ago; it was a small town, a small school, and maybe the prof just wanted to see how we would react. I don’t know about any of that, but I do know that I still managed to pull an A in that class, and I felt no reprisals because of my actions.

    Kevin Sorbo, God's Not Dead

    Kevin Sorbo, God’s Not Dead, in theaters Spring 2014, see trailer below.

    I did tell others about the incident and about the fact that I worried about young people who were not completely grounded in their own belief system. Would they take information (any information) at face value simply because someone called a professor handed it to them…because they were so scared of the red pen the prof held over their heads, because they were incapable of thinking for themselves?

    This many years later, I think we all know the answer to my question, but back then I was shocked again when my philosophy professor raised a more sophisticated argument against the existence of any Higher Power. That time I wrote an addendum to my final exam…and still managed an A in the class. (I mention these As simply because that is not always the case for students today.)

    Obviously, I am a Christian and I hold to those beliefs; however, my question to you today has nothing to do with Christianity per se. My question is much more simple. Should universities* allow students to be badgered, to be bullied, to have proper grades withheld because of ANY belief system to which they ascribe…whether they be Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or complete atheists? Outside of a designated theology class, why should a professor feel the need to promote his own agenda anyway?

    The answer is simple, at least it is in public universities…because we allow it to happen as do those elected to office who hand out the money that turns the wheel. Period.

    God’s Not Dead will appear in theaters this spring. It is the story of one young man with the nerve to fight the professor who would fail him because of his personal beliefs. With a cast consisting in part of Shane Harper, Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, and Willie from Duck Dynasty, the movie itself has to be good, the storyline great.

    And if you could care less about the “religion” being taught in universities across the country today, you might just remember that the same bullying techniques are being used to force political agendas onto students as well…and eventually, it won’t stop there either…unless “someone” decides to do something about it…I believe Germany might remember something about that…

    *Do some homework here. There are still great profs at wonderful universities, but these techniques are used too often on our young people.

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