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    Cow Pasture Classic Honoring Hogan

    It’s time to be planning a foursome and booking Saturday, June 23 for the third annual Cow Pasture Golf Classic.

    The event, sponsored by the Dublin Historical Society, is a not-so-serious golf outing at the old Dublin-De Leon Golf Course which closed near the start of World War II. This year, the event will honor the 100th birthday of Ben Hogan, the Dublin native who became the finest ball striker in golf history.

    The historical significance of the location is that when it was a legitimate golf course, Ben Hogan returned here from his home in Fort Worth to win the 1929 tournament at the age of 17.  The trophy which he won that day is on display at the USGA Museum in Far Hills, N.J.  It is the last, or one of the last trophies which he won as an amateur because he soon began his long journey to joining the professional ranks.

    The site four miles west of Dublin on Hwy 6 toward De Leon is a “working cow pasture — and all that that implies.” It is now known by local golf fans as “Ben Hogan’s Forgotten Fairways.”

    The first year of the zany event coincided with Mr. Hogan’s 98th birthday in August, but temperatures were so high that Society members decided to move the event earlier the next year so it would be cooler. Unfortunately the second event was held in June on a day that was the same temperature as the year before was in August. But event organizers moved the tee time earlier and got the golfers out of the pasture earlier last year and temperatures were tolerable.

    In the past, food has been served at the 9-hole course but temperatures, flies and grasshoppers were troublesome. This year, when golfers complete their game, they will come downtown to the Ben Hogan Museum for lunch and socializing, as well as presentation of awards.

    If early registration is a clue, this year will be the largest participation. The cost is $50 per person which includes the meal, beverages and a souvenir. Four-person teams may sign up or individuals may be matched with others.

    Reservations will be taken for two full flights and then organizers will decide, based on weather forecasts, whether to add an additional flight.

    Last year, entries came from as far away as Lawton, OK and Lubbock as well as Austin and Waco.  Because the terrain is rough, many golfers prefer to walk or bring ATVs unless their golf carts have heavy duty tires. The Society does not furnish carts. Last year an all-women’s team choose to play on horseback.

    There is no age limit (on either end of the scale) and last year’s winning team included a 13-year-old junior golfer. It also doesn’t matter about skill level since the event (called putt putt on steroids) is the great equalizer.

    For more information or to request an entry form brochure, contact Karen Wright at 254- 445-1919 or at email kawright@embarqmail.com.  More details are available at www.benhoganmuseum.org.


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