• Gustine Homecoming And Class Reunions

    The tiny town of Gustine, Texas is just one of those towns that “gets it.” I don’t know any other way to explain the fact that a handful of volunteers pull off a reunion, homecoming, and rodeo that keep people coming back year after year after year.

    The day started with fun things to do for the children, baking contest, cookoff, and some great entertainment.

    There were pony rides for the children.

    And there were other rides as well.

    The judges had the unbelievable job of choosing winners.

    And families enjoyed one another.

    There were cookoff winners (ribs).

    And an auction.

    In the middle of it all, there was some great local entertainment.

    However, this year, it was the class reunions that really drew our attention here at Texans United, and it was easy to see that classmates from once upon a time had a ball reliving old memories of Gustine, Texas!

    I am going to title these photos as 1,2, and 3. If you would like to add years or names, feel free to do so below.

    I have to apologize to so many of you who attended school in Gustine, Texas and have asked me over and over to publish the following photos. This was one time that I just could not get it done!

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    7 Responses to Gustine Homecoming And Class Reunions

    1. missy jones says:

      I am happy to say that I am an “old” Gustine Girl. I started to school at Gustine in 1936, and attended school there for 10 years. In my junior year, we moved to Comanche and I was a 1947 graduate of Comanche High School. By the way, the last picture is the Gustine High School class of 1942. do the math!!! On the left is my dear friend, Ona B. Rambo Reed, and to her left is LaVerne Cox Rollins. Ona B. was the Coming Home Queen for this year. I am sorry that I can not identify everyone else. Way to G0, Gustine, Texas.
      School Photo # 1 is the Gustine High School class of 1946.

    2. Ona B Reed says:

      Thank you, Missy. Regarding the picture: To LaVerne’s right is Oleta Williams Johnson, Kenneth Ray McDonald, and George Roy Williamson. I’d like to add that I was married to Earl Henry Smart for one beautiful year after the war; then he was killed. He had written me a note when we were in the first grade saying “I hope we get married someday.”
      Ona B Rambo Smart Reed

    3. John Rambo says:

      I am currently researching some of my Rambo heritage and came to realize that Ona Reed Rambo and my father, Ernest Rambo, are related. How can I reach her for some sharing of information?

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