• H.R. Jefferies Junior High Seventh Grade On Tour Of The Bullock Museum

    In 1999 when ground was broken on the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, the folks there that were involved certainly new what they were doing. The museum serves as an invaluable history lesson for people of all ages. Anyone who loves the history of Texas has to love a visit here.

    The work that was put in, to develop the learning atmosphere and all the proper displays and interactive parts, was done with a very creative mind. Students flock to this display of history by the bus loads to see and hear those same lessons that they have heard during the school year. It provides educators a validation of their teaching and does so on a much grander scale than can be done in any classroom in a single school year.

    The seventh grade students of H.R. Jefferies Junior High in Comanche were provided the incredible opportunity to visit the Bullock Museum and to learn about the history of the state as well as all the aspects that have made Texas the grandest state of all.

    Below are some of the comments from teachers about what they were most impressed with for their students.

    Mindy McAliley Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher

    Mindy McAliley:  Social Studies Teacher

    “I thought the movie about Texas in general was very beneficial. It was very informative about how things have happened throughout time that has made Texas as we know it today”. 

    Mindy McAliley

    John Edwards English Language Arts Teacher

    John Edwards: English Language Arts Teacher

    “There was just an abundance of information for the students. Very impressive were the displays of physical materials that showed life at different stages in Texas History. The interactive elements were very popular among the students”.

    John Edwards

    Stacey Gee

    Stacey Gee: Reading Teacher

    “The movie reviewed facts very well and took the audience through a very accurate timeline in history. The screens were very realistic and kept the interest of the students. The students also liked the music”.

    Stacey Gee

    Myra Benedict - Music Teacher and Band Director
    Myra Benedict:  Music Teacher and Band Director
    ” The movie was very good and the students enjoyed the interactive parts of that especially the snakebites. The museum really showcased the hardships that the early settlers had to overcome”.

    Myra Benedict

    Rhonda Geter Science Teacher

    Rhonda Geter: Science Teacher

    “The museum made learning for the students more concrete. It allowed them to see artifacts from the history of Texas and what part they played in that history”.

    Rhonda Geter

    Susan Jones Mathematics Teacher

    Susan Jones: Mathematics Teacher

    “Many of the students were very interested in the guns on display. It was amazing how many of them could give the name and type. The interactive elements all through the museum were very amazing and great for the students”

    Susan Jones





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