Harvest Continues In Full Swing At Brennan Vineyards

Harvest is now in full swing. We have harvested 46 tons of grapes so far from Comanche County, but we still have plenty of harvesting left to go.

As soon as I finish this update I will be heading to the vineyards to collect samples to see when we will be harvesting again. Hopefully, not this week. We had two mechanical failures at the end of last week that we need to address before we start up again. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate with us this week.

Our Chardonnay has started fermentation and the winery smells great. We are getting our first High Plains (Lubbock area) grapes tomorrow. We are getting Muscat and it will be sent to McPherson Cellars directly.

We plan our processing all our High Plains fruit up there for logistical reasons. Just makes sense, we can start processing it hours faster than we could if it delivered to Comanche.

Lot’s of stuff going on. Will keep you posted.

About Todd Webster

Accomplished winemaker, Todd Webster, began his career in the wine business as Operations Manager for a distributor in Fort Worth. It was in that capacity that he met Trellise and Pat Brennan. He joined Brennan Vineyards and began his formal education in Viticulture and Enology at Grayson College and Texas Tech University. Todd plans to begin the Enology Certificate Program at Washington State University next year.
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