Hasse School House Before 1910

My grandfather, Marion Frank Davis, was born in the Hasse, Texas community in 1899, and he attended school there… all three grades of his formal education, that is. Many years ago, Granddad took me to Hasse and pointed out where once sat a bank, hotel, general store, and other “town things” hard to believe today. What I never once thought to ask Granddad was what his school house looked like. Somehow, I thought it was much smaller than this one, but I don’t know that he ever told me that. If you have that knowledge, the rest of us would really like it if you would share it with us!

Photo taken before 1910, but I do not know when it was built.

I’m told this photo taken before 1910, but I do not know when it was built.

What Granddad did remember to tell me was that he was standing in his school building, when suddenly there was a noise. The teacher had everyone run to the window to see the first automobile that any of them had ever seen.

“Of course, he [the teacher] wanted to see it just as bad as we did,” Granddad always closed the story by laughing!

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