• Healthy Pizza?? Don’t Mind If I Do! Spinach Chicken!

    So they say healthy eating is the only way to go.  I believe them, but I WANT MY PIZZA!!!! So to get what I want and eat clean I totally had to revamp ordinary pizza and make it into something scrumptious. You can pretty much put what you like on the pizza but this has become a specialty and guest love it. Plus it’s quick!!!    2015-09-18 15.51.30

    Fresh Spinach
    Cherry Tomatoes
    Red Onion
    Black Olives
    Grilled Chicken Tenderloins  (Marinated in olive oil and Italian seasoning)
    Gouda Cheese
    Real Butter
    Minced Garlic
    Tortilla Shell

    I start off by using my George Foreman grill.  I marinate the chicken in olive oil and Italian Seasoning.  I grill the tenderloins two minutes on each side.  When done set that aside and let cool. Chop chicken when cooled.

    Use a table spoon of butter and saute fresh spinach leaves, red onion, and garlic until leaves are wilted. Now you are ready to build your pizza.

    Melt butter and garlic to brush on your tortilla shell. Sprinkle with Gouda Cheese and layer with sauteed spinach, chicken, black olives, and cherry tomatoes, top with more Gouda and bake until melted.

    I like mine with chunky veggies!! Do it however you like!!

    I like mine with chunky veggies!! Do it however you like!!

    I like a little bit more onion so I put more on top. Yay Me!!!

    This recipe is so easy and so good!! It’s packed full of protein and a perfect way to stomp that craving that wants to make you cheat on your diet!! Don’t make to many, one will totally fill you up!!!


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