• I Love My Pets!

    My husband and I are the proud—not owners—perhaps custodians? guardians? parents? of 3 cats and 3 dogs. As the adults in charge, we definitely come out on the long end of the stick in benefits!

    Our lives are so enriched by our four-legged family members. After a recent bout with bronchitis, I can vouch for what incredible nursing care my cat Carrie provided and on a 24/7 basis. I might also add that Carrie is at least 16 in human years.

    For several days I was up and down, hacking, spitting, restless, miserable—Carrie stuck to me like glue. From time to time she would get up from lying beside me, put her paws on my chest and look right into my face as if saying, “Gee Mom, what can I do?”

    Just the comfort of her warmth lying right there beside me, purring steadily, coming up to look into my face and the simple steadfastness of her loving presence was the best medicine I had.

    Our lab Jenny came to us in the early summer of 2004. I had lost both my parents during that winter and spent much of the summer sitting in a rocker on my back porch trying to process the grief from their passing.

    In much the same way Carrie nursed me through the bronchitis, Jenny sat beside my chair for hours that summer, looking up at me with big brown eyes, putting her head on my knee from time to time, and giving me a good lick every now and then. The patience, devotion, healing she administered was the very salve I needed.

    I learned my love for pets from my parents and many times throughout the summer I told Jenny how much she was helping me and how much my parents would have loved her.

    Through the years I have confided in all my pets while they listened intently, never interrupting, never giving unsolicited advice, never giving away my secrets, but sitting with me quietly paying total attention and providing unquestioned loyalty.

    Even when I get busy for a period and don’t return the devotion they have given me, they never hold that against me, they welcome me back and are so delighted with whatever affection or attention can be spared from the crazy human world.

    The other four charges in our household have preformed tasks just as important as Carrie and Jenny and I love the others just as much—all pet lovers will understand that completely—I could go on with story after story about each of them . . . . . . . .

    Pets are great! Words can’t express what wonder they add to our lives!

    About Patty Hirst

    It doesn’t take long to discover that Patty Hirst loves Dublin, Texas, and the people who live in Dublin. She is also one of the reasons that Texansunited.com has been able to show the world just how special this Irish Texas town actually is. Quite often here on Texans United, you will find Patty in our News section, weighing in on what is happening in Dublin. But Patty Hirst is also a thinker, maybe even a dreamer,if you will. She sees the beauty in things that others never see...whether it be a rock, a single rose, or the stranger sitting on the park bench. Yes, Patty thinks good thoughts, and we've asked her to share thosse thoughts with all of us.
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