I Remember Daddy Teaching Me To Make Biscuits

From http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Easy-Homemade-Biscuits

From http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Easy-Homemade-Biscuits

By Missy Jones

Mama was sick and in bed quite a bit  when I was little. Daddy made me a wooden box so I could reach the kitchen cabinet and he taught me how to make biscuits. Mama used a wooden bread tray for her biscuits, and Daddy showed me how to make a bed of flour in the bottom of the tray.

I put in my salt and baking powder, worked in a little flour with that and by picking up a little flour from the bottom of the bread tray.

Then, I would put in my milk, either clabber or buttermilk, some good lard, and then some more flour. I worked it in with my hands until it felt right.

Next, I would put the dough out on Mama’s wooden breadboard that I had sprinkled with flour, and I would pat the dough out or roll it out with a floured rolling pin.

Finally, I cut the biscuits out with Mama’s little biscuit cutter.

In a hot iron skillet, I had melted lard, and I would dip one side of a biscuit in it, turning it over in the hot lard, continuing until all biscuits were in the pan which was then placed into the oven to bake.

I could make good biscuits. I can remember mixing my dough in the bread tray and taking it in to show Mama so she could see if the dough looked right before I cut them out.

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One Response to I Remember Daddy Teaching Me To Make Biscuits

  1. Maxine Burns says:

    I loved reading that! I do remember Mother talking about that lots of times. I guess that is why Missy is such a good cook! She just jumped right in there to do that at such a young age. You know those biscuits were good…what with all that lard and everything. I know that is why my Mother’s pie crusts were so nice and flaky! Lard! I guess most everyone living in the country probably used lard back then.

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