I Remember “Dirt” Tracks!

Several of us have done a lot of remembering these past few weeks, and when H.R. Jefferies sent me some thoughts, I decided to bring them to you.

I think one thing that made Mr. J’s thoughts even more interesting to me was Steve Dueboay’s blog about how things just aren’t very simple anymore, and in some ways, that is really a shame, isn’t it?

Anyway, H.R. read my blog about the old track, and it reminded him of another old track.

“I will never forget a track I graded off, not in a complete oval, but had other turns to make it 440 yards. On the dirt track I had to paint the lines by car headlight early in the morning because the day before it was too windy to line the track.”

If you are my age or older, you know exactly what Mr. Jefferies means here, and can’t you just see him out in the dark of the early morning trying to get those lines painted before the meet?

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