Information On Swindle Jewelry In Dublin, Anyone?

I was contacted several years ago by James Boldebuck who was seeking information on the people who once owned Swindle’s Jewelry in Dublin, Texas. We published his request, and received pieces of information from those who had an interest in this one-time Dublin business. Today, I decided to publish once again to see if we can gather more memories from when the store was located in Dublin.

Apparently the jewelry store once stood where today stands Dublin's beautiful Corner Lot.

Apparently the jewelry store once stood where today stands Dublin’s beautiful Corner Lot.

Patty Hirst, in typical Patty style, went on the hunt when she read our questions about the Swindle family.

“Swindle’s Jewelry was located across the street from Checkerboard.

“When they had the fire, where Corner Lot is located, Pinky Swindle (son of Grady) came over to remove the jewelry out of building so it would not burn. That was the end of Swindle Jewelry store in Dublin. I don’t think that their building burned.

“Also, Donna Hightower remembers buying Steve’s wedding ring there in 1974.”

Later, I happened to be in a Comanche grocery store at the right time (small-town perk, right?), and I saw one of the Swindle nephews who provided the following information for us.

Gracie was crippled from polio at the time she married Grady. Grady was perfectly fine until he was twenty-seven; at that time, a form of crippling arthritis attacked him, and it was because of this that he became a jeweler.

It was interesting to me to learn that the couple actually taught a “jewelers school” in the store in Dublin. Here, those interested could actually gain some type of certification upon completion of the course.

The nephew also confirmed my statement that the Swindles did also have a store in Comanche at one time as well as one in Stephenville.

If you have memories to add of this old Dublin business, please feel free to comment below.

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3 Responses to Information On Swindle Jewelry In Dublin, Anyone?

  1. jenniferbaine says:

    I am the granddaughter of Gracie and Grady Swindle. They opened their jewelry store in Dublin in December 1943. It was down the sidewalk from the City Cafe, where they ate often. They had a barber shop in the corner of their store, and during the war operated a Western Union Telegraph. Their motto was “Never Give Up.” They built a successful family business, which is still in operation (has been in continuous operation) since they first opened their doors in 1943. They said that opening a jewelry store during World War II seemed pretty risky at the time, however, they also were trained horologist (watchmakers) and had several contracts, as well as, a watchmaker school for over 12 years. The school and jewelry repairs helped sustain the business when economic times were tough.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      This is wonderful! Thank you so much for the response; however, I have one question. Where was the city café? :)

      • jenniferbaine says:

        My grandmother called it City Cafe. It was actually Black’s Cafe. On the same side of the street and a couple of doors down from the jewelry store. Owned by Merle Black. When the cafe burned my grandparents and dad closed the jewelry store and only had the one store in Stephenville, which remains in operation today.

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