• Is Fluoride Damaging Your Thyroid?

    FLUORIDEObviously, I can’t tell you that, but Israel has now jumped into the argument by banning fluoridation.

    I personally think it is certainly worth a lot of consideration, especially by people like me who just can’t get the thyroid to regulate.* I have a feeling that what researchers will learn at the end of the day is that it is all according to the person. What causes a problem for me simply might not bother you at all. The trick is figuring out how to match the prevention or the treatment with the individual, something the medical world doesn’t do a great  job of just yet.

    Because I brush my teeth many more times each day than most people, it is a given that I get way more fluoride in my diet than you probably do. However, I recently solved this problem by creating a fluoride free toothpaste that I make myself. I’ve even thrown away my store-bought toothpaste so that I can’t fall back into bad habits!

    I’ve also added more selenium to my diet since selenium is a mineral that helps to detox the body of fluoride. Actually, there are three things that we are trying for the next four weeks to see if they make any difference at all.

    3 Things I Am Trying In Order To Improve Thyroid Function

    1. Fluoride Free Toothpaste

    2. Brazil Nuts 3-4 per day (for the selenium)

    3. Nascent Iodine supplementation

    I really only like to make one change at a time when I am trying to solve a problem. However, I’ve been dealing with a terrible thyroid for a long time and am ready for some progress! My endocrinologist has me testing every four weeks so it is easy for me to see if I am making progress.

    *If you are having your thyroid tested and all you are getting is a TSH level, you need to ask that the test be broken down so that you can see what your T3 and T4 levels are. You can’t accurately know what your thyroid is doing without those readings so do NOT take no for an answer when you request testing.

    Research abounds on all sides of the fluoride controversy, so please do some research. This is an interesting article for starters. Another very good article as well as my image credit…

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