It’s A Tailgate!

The second big thing that we did to raise awareness and interest more students in the Ag program was to have a tailgate party. And really, everything just fell into place.

It was the Friday that the Comanche Indians played Coahoma here in Comanche, and the cheerleaders’ slogan was Kahuna Coahoma, giving the day a Hawaiian theme. The mood for the night actually started that afternoon at the pep rally, where Blake danced the limbo.

Then, Vinnie went upstairs just looking for some type of costumes for the party, and he actually found a box of Hawaiian costumes so that was perfect. We both decided to wear grass skirts, hats, and coconut bras!

The tailgate party was held on the grassy area just outside the football field, and the local merchants were great to donate everything we needed. We served hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixings, along with homemade desserts made by our Ag students’ moms.

We had three trailers that were loaded with decorations; we had some cheerleaders join FFA this year, and they made the signs. We also had drawings for items donated by local businesses so the party was a real community effort.

We put out the word that anyone who wanted to come was welcome because we were trying to recruit kids for our program. We ran out of burgers and dogs at about 200 so this was a great turn out, and we probably picked up between 20-25 new students that night.

One of the really cool things was that the coaches told us how great it was to walk out of the dressing room and see all those people and that it really helped set the mood for the night!

We were told when we came to Comanche that sports rule, and we wanted to bridge the gap between sports and the other programs. We want to be sure that everyone understands that we support every program in this school, and we want that same respect for our Ag program.

We both played high school football and loved it, and we enjoy watching our Comanche kids play.  In a small school, we all have to support each other and all of our programs.

Again we are so excited to be in this community!!


About Special Series

Blake O’Quinn and Vinnie Heller are both first year teachers at Comanche ISD. Blake is a 2010 Aggie, and Vinnie graduated from Tarleton in 2010, both with Agriculture degrees. “We never know what’s going to happen next here in the Ag shop. One minute we are welding chairs, and the next the phone is ringing with someone needing a pig doctored. We’ve even been asked to build a CHS for the bonfire. We’re the catch all for the community, and we love it!”
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