• It’s Supper Time & Wendi Has Cooked A Meal!

    Wendi's Supper Photosthis week, i’ve decided to do a lil’ something different!!! i am doing an ENTIRE MEAL instead of just a dish!!! YAY US!!!!!!

    if your house is like ours, we save leftovers, but have a hard time eating them because you don’t want them to be the exact same meal as you just had!!! well, i have started TOTALLY REVAMPING the “leftover saga”!!!!  this weekend the hubs smoked an AMAZING pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches…and believe me, it goes FAR!!!

    we fed us, our friends and my mother-in-law and STILL had plenty of leftovers!! so this is what i did…i made pork flautas out of it, made some mexican potatoes and corn, ranchero sauce and WHOOP THERE IT WAS!!!!! so it turned out so great, i am sharing the meal!!! ENJOY!!!!!


    leftover pulled pork (chopped fine)

    10-20 reg sized flour tortillas

    hot oil in skillet


    place tortillas in microwave and heat until soft and bendable, place apx 2 TBSP of pork in the center of tortilla and “tuck and roll”, repeat until all are filled. heat up oil on med/high heat and place in skillet SEAM SIDE DOWN and turn when golden brown. drain on paper towel.


    6-8 med sized potatoes, washed and cubed in bite sized pieces

    1 sliced bell pepper of choice (we chose orange)

    1/2 med onion, sliced

    chopped fresh cilantro

    1 chopped pickled jalapeno pepper

    1/4 cup olive oil

    mexican seasonings, to taste (we chose cumin, garlic salt, season all, paprika, pepper, and tomato bullion powder)


    place all ingredients in large bowl, toss with hands until FULLY coated

    bake on 400 for apx 30-40 min or until potatoes are tender


    1 large bag frozen whole kernel corn

    1 med tomato, chopped

    chopped fresh cilantro

    salt & pepper to taste

    dash of cumin

    2 TBSP butter


    place corn in med saucepan, cover with water, bring to a boil, simmer until tender (apx 15-20 min) drain water, place next 5 ingredients in with corn and stir until butter has melted!!


    About Wendi Conway

    Wendi Conway comes from a long line of cooks and her blog is designed to prove that cooking is not as hard as people seem to think it is. “I love to cook, and it is a passion of mine. Johnny also loves to cook, proving that cooking can’t be too hard if even the men can do it! “I also want to share meals and recipes that can be prepared on a budget. It doesn’t matter where I shop because I build my pantry around what is on sale this week. I enjoy doing it for my family, and I am really proud that I can build memories my children will always have.”
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