Jack Cunningham Saved Life Of James Harvey Campbell

James Washington Cunningham

James Washington Cunningham

Some years ago I came upon a note written by my good friend, Gaston Boykin, former sheriff of Comanche County, Texas. The note was typed on Gaston’s letterhead.

“Mr. Jack Cunningham saved the life of the grandfather of Mrs. Dudley Aldridge, James Harvey Campbell. Mr. Cunningham was the sheriff of Comanche County at that time.

“Mr. Campbell moved his herd of some 1,100 head of cattle to the Bayou country of Mills County. He came into camp one evening and found a drawing of a man hanging from a tree. [Along with the drawing was] A note telling him if he did not move out with his cattle, that was what would happen to him.

“He notified Sheriff Cunningham who came down horseback and rode all over the territory telling the people that if they bothered one hair on Mr. Campbell’s head, he would bring his Comanche County posse down and mob them all. Mr. Campbell was never harmed and lived the rest of his life in Mills County, Texas.”

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