• Jam Bluegrass-Style in Glen Rose

    The southern sounds of bluegrass can be heard every month in Glen Rose, Texas. You might think bluegrass music is more Appalachia than lone star state, but Texans have been playing bluegrass music for more than 50 years.

    Glen Rose, Texas - Bluegrass Jam

    Glen Rose, Texas – Bluegrass Jam

    This southern rich music is finding solid footing in the mainstream and bands from all over the country are drawing on the styles and sounds of bluegrass. Just like the mainstream, bluegrass is alive and well in Glen Rose, Texas. Every third Saturday Oakdale Park turns into an open jam session.

    The monthly jam sessions draw on the bluegrass spirit of improvisation and collaboration. In rural America self-taught musicians began to hone their craft by playing on their front porches in the cool Texas breeze. They worked harmonies and different instrument sounds to form the sweet sounds that still inspire audiences today. Now Glen Rose is the place where professionals and amateurs can come together to make beautiful music.

    Music is able to speak across ages, times, and languages. This is part of the beauty of the open jam sessions. It is a place where young and old, professionals and beginners, even political rivals can come together and make music together.

    So when November 16 comes around, head on out to Oakdale Park for some toe-tapping music. The jam session begins at 1pm and runs until everyone is too tired to play. At 6pm, some of the area’s best bluegrass bands take the stage for a delightful evening.

    Grab your instrument of choice or simply bring a lawn chair and enjoy a day of great music!

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    2 Responses to Jam Bluegrass-Style in Glen Rose

    1. Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      There was a time when my mother-in-law never missed this!

    2. Missy Jones says:

      My husband, Darrell and my sister and brother-in-law, Geneva and Alton Mercer, took our travel trailers on the “bluegrass trail”. For a number of years, we made Glen Rose, Oak Dale park and also went to Cement Oklahoma, McAlister, Oklahom and other places every chance we got. Geneva and Alton had retired and they were able go to more festivals than Darrell and I did, because we both were still working. I would come back to work at the bank and tell everybody that I had attended a festival with over 20,000 people there, and no, there was no liquor and no drugs. These were family happenings. We met friends at each festival that we had seen before, and bluegrass bands lots of times consisted of a family group playing together. The pure bluegrass sound is acoustic, in that they used no electrified instruments. We made lots of life long friends on the “bluegrass” trail. Missy Jones

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