• James Gary Vineyard Releases Mystery Thriller

    By now, you have noticed the beautiful ad in the sidebar just to the right of this page, an advertisement for the new mystery thriller written by James Gary Vineyard…yet another literary person with ties to the little town of Comanche, Texas. If you haven’t done so, click on that ad to see what sounds like an excellent book!


    Below you will find the bio for Mr. Vineyard.


    James Gary Vineyard, the author of the newly-released mystery/thriller The Grave on Peckerwood Hill, is the son of the late Leonard Warren Vineyard (nicknamed “G.”) of Comanche, and Eva Wells Vineyard of Brownwood. The author still claims the area as home in his heart, although he has resided in Dallas for many years serving in various aspects of law enforcement.

    “When I travel, I make it a point to detour through Comanche as often as I can. A good number of my relatives are buried in Oakwood cemetery and, as I drive around, I recall the stories my dad told me about the people and places such as the location of my great-grandfather Isaac Vineyard’s grocery store and the house where Uncle Johnny and Aunt Kate Carpenter lived. Their son, Jim Carpenter, still resides in Comanche.

    “The first thing I feel when I stop to eat or shop is the friendliness of the people. I’ve always theorized that that warmth came from their dependence on each other through the years: For survival in times of illness, weather anomalies, and the early massacres. The Comanche-Brownwood area wasn’t settled, it was conquered. These folks were not only caring neighbors, they had to be tough.”

    James Gary Vineyard is a fifth-generation Texan. He began a career in law enforcement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as an investigator in the Criminal Intelligence Division of the Department of Public Safety at DFW Airport. He was assigned to the Dallas Organized Crime Task Force (Metro Squad) in1981 and spent approximately nine years there. From 1990 until 2007, he was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Dallas Field Division Office, Enforcement Group 2 (a smuggling unit). Over the years, he accumulated numerous awards from law enforcement agencies and was an instructor at several area police academies including the Dallas Sheriff’s Department, Dallas Police Department, Regional Police Academy in Arlington, Texas, and DEA’s training programs.

    During that time, he also taught courses in international smuggling at the American Airlines academy. He holds a Master Peace Officers certificate and is a graduate of DEA’s Drug Unit Commanders Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He retired as DEA’s D-FW Task Force Sergeant.

    From the other side of his brain, he has written a full-length stage play comedy called “Moby and Dick,” and a one-act play, “Tap the Brakes, Elvis!” He is currently working on a sequel to The Grave on Peckerwood Hill.
    Mr. Vineyard is a member of Mystery Writers of America, The Fort Bend Writers Guild, Friends of the Dallas Public Library, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Dallas Historical Society, The Texas Police Association, and The Texas Association of Authors.

    Synopsis of The Grave on Peckerwood Hill:

    The story begins with two teenage boys from drastically different backgrounds sneaking out of their homes after midnight during an ice storm and unwittingly videoing their own murders on a river bottom. Lacking clues, a sheriff begs the help of Charlie Eastman, a retired corruption investigator for the governor’s office. But Eastman declines, citing a recent mental breakdown. Unfortunately, Eastman has an auto accident that traumatizes Austin Blackie, a champion stud bull owned by the wealthy widow of Red Pirtle, a simple plumber who launched the do-it-yourself store craze in the fifties.

    After convincing Eastman that he rendered the bull impotent, the old woman and a mysterious tattoo artist scam Eastman into searching for her brother whom she hasn’t seen in seventy years. The case—the most bizarre of his career—partners Eastman with Doc Page, the pretty red-haired town doctor whose terrible swift tongue and smell of Noxzema cleansing cream drives him wild. A statue of three enormous peanuts on the town square that locals call Gooberhenge and a mysterious creature spotted by the village idiot leads Eastman, Doc, and the tattooist to the missing brother who is protected by Central American mercenaries. Then things begin to get strange and dangerous.

    Vineyard’s website is http://www.jamesgaryvineyard.com or he can be contacted through http://stonethreadpublishing.com/

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