James Parkerson 117 in Eastland Co. Texas In 1910

He was possibly the oldest man living in 1910.

He was possibly the oldest man living in 1910.

As you know, I have some old scrapbooks that contain all kinds of tidbits. I will admit, however, that I had to look twice at this one!

Apparently the Cisco Round-Up carried an article on James Parkerson sometime in 1910, when Mr. P. was a whopping 117 years old! At that time, Parkerson lived near Cisco in Eastland County, and he was thought to be the oldest man living at the time.

As you might imagine of one who was born in 1793, James Parkerson saw a lot of action as this country was getting its feet under it. He served in the War of 1812 (where he fought with Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans), the Black Hawk Indian War, the War for Texas Independence, the Mexican War, and the Civil War. For his service, he drew a whopping pension of $16.00 per month!

Mr. Parkerson apparently moved to the Eastland County area before the Civil War. He had two wives, the second still living in 1910. Of course, she was a young thing…only 90 in 1910! He also had two sisters still living, both in Fort Smith Arkansas and both over 100.

I don’t know anything about his children other than 8 were living in 1910 as were 30 grandchildren.

And as a final note, James A. Parkerson did not need glasses! According to the Ancestry link where I found the photo, Mr. Parkerson died in 1912.

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  1. The Eastland County Museum would love to have copies of anything Eastland County related that you would share.

    Terry Simmons, President
    PO Box 1546
    114 S Seaman St
    Eastland, TX 76448

  2. Terry Joe Ash says:

    James A. Parkerson is my Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather. My mother is a Parkerson & it is a treat to find this site on my ancestor. He was actually married 3 times instead of two. His first wife was Prudence (Henderson) Cook born in 1825 & married to James in 1846. They had 6 children. She was full Cherokee & only 16 years when they married, James 53.
    It is true, he did not need glasses & walked straight upright & it took a young man to keep pace with him. He also had almost all his teeth. I have the original newspaper article on him.
    This man shaped this country as we now know it having fought in every battle from 1812 to his death. I am proud to be related to this man.

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