• Joe Gilligan Heading To State Competition!

    The town of Comanche has done it again, folks; it has produced another winner in what has become a long, long road of successful young people, with today’s spotlight on a young man known as Joe Gilligan.  Of course, the fact that Joe is an exceptionally bright and hardworking comes as no surprise to me since I had the great pleasure of teaching Joe’s mom, Crystal, who was the same type of student!

    Joe Gilligan is becoming one of Comanche's best hurdlers.

    Joe Gilligan is becoming one of Comanche’s best hurdlers.

    Normally, when I write or post about Joe, he has a football in his hand or maybe, he is leaping over a hurdle, his form just getting better and better. Today, however, it was to the classroom that I went in search of Joe because the event that will be taking him to Austin on May 24 has nothing to do with any sporting event. No, Joe Gilligan is set to compete on the state level in editorial writing!*

    “I’m not very good with working quotes into my writing, and I am a very opinionated person,” Gilligan smiled. “I decided that editorial writing might work for me,” he continued.

    Apparently, work for him it did because there are only 12 editorial writers left standing (or writing, I suppose I should say) in class 3-A in the state of Texas, and Gilligan is one of them.

    And then, Mrs. Ingram, Joe’s teacher/coach went on to explain the importance of competing in state academic competitions.

    “Students who compete on the state level in academics are eligible for TILF scholarships. Of course, that does not mean that they automatically receive one of these scholarships, but most of our students who have qualified for state have received money. Believe it or not, we had one who placed 4th in the state, and he received $14,000.00!” Ingram shared with me.

    “I’ve been told that they tend to give more money to the writers, but I don’t know if that is even true; it does seem, however, that journalism and science/math people do tend to break into the awards,” she continued, leaving me with my fingers definitely crossed for Gilligan.

    “I’m ready to go to give it my best and whatever happens, happens,” he called to me as he ran out of the door, the loud speaker announcing that it was time for the incoming juniors to take their physicals.

    Standing, my mouth still partially open, the words of congratulations and good luck that I had meant to utter dying an easy death as instead I whispered instead, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

    Here at United, we send out a HUGE congrats to Gilligan and journalism teacher, Leanne Ingram for a job very, very well done!

    *And in case you are wondering why I have not included a more scholarly photo of Gilligan, there truly is a reason. It seems that the day before we were set to interview, Joe had a bit of an accident in the weight room, producing what appeared to be a butterfly bandage placed squarely on the center of his forehead.  :)

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