John Gore & Sarah Elizabeth Whatley Gore

George and Henrietta Gore Dutton, John and Sarah's granddaughter

George and Henrietta Gore Dutton, John and Sarah’s granddaughter

John Gore was born in 1805 in South Carolina. He shows up in orphan’s court so he may have been an orphan. He moved to Alabama about 1819 going to work for the Whatley family.

John Gore married Sarah Elizabeth Whatley on October 23, 1826, in Bibb County, Alabama. She was the daughter of William Wiley Whatley and Mary Edwards Whatley. Her father was a plantation owner. Sarah was born September 15, 1808, in Georgia.

John and Sarah Whatley Gore were in Winston County Mississippi in 1848. They purchased land from Elisha Honeycutt. Elisha Honeycutt married the sister of Sarah Frances Whatley. In July of that same year John and Sarah sold the land purchased from Elisha Honeycutt, and the Gores apparently moved to Arkansas on their way to Louisiana.

The couple’s oldest daughter, Mary Jane Gore married James A. Watson and had a child born in Union County, Arkansas in 1849. Union County Arkansas is just across the border of Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, where John and Sarah are listed in 1850 and is possibly where John died about 1850/1860, but he may have died in Texas.

Sarah died November 19, 1879, in Henderson County, Texas of burns. She was washing clothes outside and her skirt caught fire.

John and Sarah had the following fourteen children:

Mary Jane Gore
Born: July 10, 1827- Alabama
Married: James A. Watson – July 25, 1844 – Autauga County, Alabama
Married: Absolum Bob Edwards- September 14, 1852-Smith Co., Texas
Died: May 18, 1887 – Comanche County, Texas – Buried in Edwards Cemetery

(Mary Jane (Gore) Edwards was the grandmother of the Little Lost Child.

William Gore
Born: 1829 – Alabama
Civil War: 1861 – Company I, Texas Inf. Hobby’s Reg’t Pvt. Cpl.

Martha Ann Gore
Born: 1830 Bibb Co., Al
Married: Michael H. Johnson – August 1849 Union Co., AR.
Died: 1899 Union Co, AR.

Wiley M. Gore
Born: 1832- Alabama
Married: Mary Jane Norwood- January 29, 1857- Smith Co., Texas
Civil War: 1861- Company C. – 14th Texas Cavalry-Johnson’s Mounted Regiment

James C. Gore
Born: 1833- Alabama
Civil War: 1861- Co. I, 6th Texas Cavalry, Stone’s Regiment, 2nd Texas Calvary, Pvt.

John Henry Gore
Born: March 18, 1835-Bibb County, Alabama
Married: Louisa Ann Craig – November 16, 1866, Smith Co., Texas
Died: January 11, 1890
Civil War: 1861- Co. I, 6th Texas Calvary, Pvt/Sgt. Stone’s Regiment

Raiford Franklin Gore
Born: 1832 Alabama
Married: Louisa S. Grant – November 29, 1858 – Smith County, Texas
Married: Margaret F. Florence – November 18, 1875 – Henderson Co., Texas
Died: January 24, 1881 – Henderson County, Texas
Civil War: 1861- Co I, 6th Texas Cavalry, Stone’s Regiment, 3rd Texas Cavalry, Pvt.

Amanda Paralee Gore
Born: May 1838, Bibb Co., Alabama
Married: Thomas Ellsbury Dennis-September 23, 1856-Smith County, Texas
Married: George Mifflin Dallas Garner-August 15, 1884 – Comanche Co. TX
Died: after 1900, Scurry Co., TX

(George Mifflin Dallas Garner was the uncle of John Nance Garner, Vice President of the United States of America)

Nancy Gore
Born: 1840- Bibb Co, Alabama
Married: Levi C. Boles-1860-TX
Died: 1890- Buried Rock Hill Cemetery-Henderson County, Texas

Gadwell Harris Gore
Born: 1842- Bibb Co., Alabama
Married: Sarah E. Brewer – January 29, 1868 – Henderson County, Texas
Died: April 1869, Henderson Co., TX

Sarah Elizabeth Gore
Born: July 15, 1843- Bibb Co., Alabama
Married: February 12, 1861 – Andrew J. Boles-Henderson Co. TX
Died: December 29, 1876-Snyder, Texas

Francis (Fannie) Gore – lived near Chandler, Texas
Born: July 10, 1845- Bibb Co., Alabama
Married: November 08, 1876 – J.S. Carver – Henderson County, Texas
Died: February 06, 1895 – Henderson County, Texas – Buried – Rock Hill Cemetery

Eliza Helen Gore
Born: 1847-Winston Co. (Mississippi
Married: Henry F. Cook-December 1874- Henderson Co., TX

Thomas Gore
Born: 1850 Claiborne Parish, La.

One family legend that has been told is that when John Henry was coming down from to the battle at Lookout Mountain, Tennessee during the Civil War, his brothers were going up to the battle. He did not know for sometime if any of them survived. Raiford and John Henry did survive the war. It is unknown about the other brothers.

According to family legend, the names of John H. Gore and Louisa were changed in 1870. They moved to Oklahoma Territory because of a dispute over taxes and a mule, which was said to have been stolen government property. No records of this have been found; however, there was a lot of unrest after the Civil War. and some people changed their names and fled to other places.

John and Louisa later returned to Henderson County, Texas.

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