• Johnny Appleseed Was Real? Who Knew?

    JOHNNY APPLESEEDWe do love our myths here in this country, don’t we? However, if you’ve grown up believing that Johnny Appleseed was one of those myths, you’ve been misinformed, for it seems that ole Johnny was true indeed.

    John Chapman was born in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1774, two years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. His father, Nathaniel Chapman, became a Revolutionary War soldier, and his mother, Elizabeth Simonds Chapman, died during the war years.

    The story becomes a little fuzzy at times because Chapman alias Appleseed became such a folk hero during his own life…much as did Davy Crocket. That fact can make it almost impossible to find the exact spot where truth ends and legend begins.

    Many sources say that young John Chapman was apprenticed to a farmer at a young age and that it was there that he came to know and love the orchard.  We do know that when John was about eighteen, he and maybe a brother went west, into Pennsylvania, not hooking back up with the family until it moved to Ohio in 1805.

    Johnny lived a nomadic life of sorts, traveling and establishing orchards, and apparently touching lives along the way. The pot that our teachers told us he wore on his head is actually a probability since Johnny Appleseed traveled on foot and with all of his belongings.

    For lots more info, simply google Johnny Appleseed.


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