Joseph Murray Marshall (1888-1953) & Autney Cox Marshall

Joseph and Autney

Joseph and Autney

Joseph Murray Marshall was born July 14, 1888, to Charles Miller Marshall and Ida Alice (Morgan) Marshall in Energy, Texas and grew-up in that area.

Autney Cox was the fifth child of the six born to Perry G. Cox and Annie Elizabeth (Hayes) Cox. The Perry Cox family moved to Energy from Nolanville, Texas about 1884. They soon bought 320 acres of land, located one and one-half miles north of Energy.

Perry Cox became a stock farmer and also owned a gin for a time. Perry died from appendicitis in August of 1896 when his youngest son, Jewel, was one-year-old. Annie was a widow with six children, yet she became a good manager and raised cattle, corn, grain, and cotton. She was able to rear her family with her husband’s mother’s help.

Joseph “Joe” Murray Marshall married Autney Cox of Gustine in 1909 in Energy. To this union, seven children were born:

1. Charles Woodrow
2. Joseph Murray, Jr. “Jimmy”
3. Annie Alice Pauline
4. Autney Verdell
5. Thomas Clyde
6. Marie

Autney and Joe began their life together in Energy where Joe was a barber. They later lived in Gustine and eventually moved to Comanche. The barbershop on the north side of the square was a busy place, and Joe worked there until he retired. For most of these years, barbering occurred “before television,” and everyone came to town on Saturday night, and all the stores around the square stayed opened late. Many people bought their groceries on Saturday evening, went to the “picture show,” and then on to the barbershop for haircuts and shaves. It was common in those days for the shop to stay open past midnight on Saturday nights.

Autney and Joe’s children and grandchildren fondly remember the family gatherings and great times with all thirty family members present. Those occasions included big meals, marathon domino, forty-two, and checker tournaments that all grownups participated in. Also, because there were coaches in the family, there were long discussions, “replays” (pre-TV), of enumerable football games.

Joe and Autney were active members of the Methodist Church and served in many leadership capacities over the years.

Joe died November 9, 1953. Autney died in October of 1978.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Polly McCullough Caraway of De Leon, Texas for this info!

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