• July 31 Run-Off Elections In Texas

    In addition to bragging rights for one of the best rodeo parades in years, this past Saturday the town of Comanche, Texas also provided a chance for candidates involved in run-off elections to kiss a few more hands and shake a few more babies…or something like that!

    First in the parade line of candidates was Incumbent State Representative Sid Miller (R-District 59) who will face off with J.D. Sheffield, M.D. of Gatesville. Although Dr. Sheffield did not attend the parade, Sid was front and center.

    Of course, the local race that has Comanche residents talking is the one that leads to the office of the Justice of the Peace.

    Filling the office at the moment as the interim J.P. is Rex Plumlee who served in this same capacity from 2003-2007.  Wife, Terri, along with friends and children of friends joined in on the parade festivities and a chance solicit a few more votes.

    Also using the parade as a chance to greet a large numer of people was Johnny Conine, runoff candidate for Justice of the Peace. Pictured with Johnny are saddle pards Justin and Jeremy Holland. Also soliciting Conine votes was mom, Penny, along with the rest of the Conine family.

    Regardless of which candidate you support, be sure to exercise your right to vote!

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