• KCOM 15.50 AM Celebrates 51st Birthday!

    KCOM opened with a roar in 1962, with this real live lion present!

    KCOM opened with a roar in 1962, with this real live lion present! The boy riding the line is Chuck McDonald.

    It’s an institution in Comanche, Texas; it truly is. For 51 years KCOM, 15.50 on your radio dial, has been bringing the people of Comanche, Texas the kind of news that is the heartbeat of the town: who died, who’s having a benefit, where the luncheon will be served, and the weather.

    It is also on KCOM that we listen to our ballgames: football, basketball, and softball. We turn on Peggy in the morning and Danny at night…if there’s a game going on that is. Recently, the radio icon celebrated its 51st birthday with Peggy and the gang, and the memories flowed. One of my personal favorite KCOM memories came from Rickey’s mom and dad who used to do a gospel show on KCOM. They were joined by Kenneth Brandon and Dee Harbour, with Faylene Isham (Brown) on the piano. Of course, it was all done live back then!

    Below you will find more memories…these from none other than the voice of KCOM, Peggy Vineyard!

    Many businesses come and goes and you can’t say that about KCOM. They have been broadcasting the news, weather, sports and playing music since April of 1962. Bert Webb and his son Jim Webb brought a whole new way of communicating in our area. They sold to Charlie Taylor and Elton McCullough, and then along came Bill Day from the panhandle and along with Roy Parker bought the radio station, they then sold to David Bacon, then he sold to Cherry Creek Radio, the present owners.

    In the early years, KCOM was on the air from sunup to sundown as per FCC rules and to give the transmitter a rest. KCOM had DJ’s to spin all the top songs of that year and a real live Dee Jay to keep you informed. When Bill Day came to work at KCOM, he was the morning Dee Jay and he had a farm he called the Grass Burr Patch and an English Bulldog he named Rowdy. Both of these became a part of the morning show.

    Another great thing about KCOM, when the weather got bad, no matter what time of the night or day, you would be fully informed about the threating weather.

    KCOM has had informative programs with Game Wardens though the years, County Extension Agents, Sheriff’s Reports, Hospital Board members on with information. Always be kind enough to have the area High School students on the air to tell what was happening in 4-H, Scouts, and other organizations. KCOM has traveled with Tumbleweed Smith to so many places in Texas on the Sound of Texas.

    How could we forget Comanche National Bank’s Hotline where you could buy, sell or giveaway, as long as you were not a business. Some interesting items have been on the program though the years. At one time Mrs. Elliott partyline on Monday afternoon where she gave reports from the Mt Pleasant Baptist Church and who was visiting who during the week. During Bill Day’s time at the radio station on Monday morning, he came up with a program called Open Air, where listeners could call in and complain about what was going on and did they ever have some unusual complaints.

    KCOM Dee Jays were mostly high school students, some who benfitted form working at KCOM was Ken Ripley who owns two radio stations in West Texas, David Hodges went on to work in TV in Waco. Some of other area ones were Rusty Carnes, Jim Abbey, Ed Lane, Mike Lockwood, Dean Cox, Tommy Wilhelm, Kevin Burch, Mike Milsap, Jerry Parks and Bill Cole.

    KCOM today still has news, weather, funeral notices and sports, five times a day Monday through Friday.

    Danny Armstrong does the play by play of all the football games & district games.

    On Sunday you are sure to hear local church services. KCOM’s biggest project they continue to do is the Cherry Pie Auction, was started 45 years ago when the Bill Doggett Workshop was going to be closed so KCOM started the auction to raise money for them.

    Thanks for tuning in to KCOM, kindly keeping it Country 1550 AM.

    KCOM owners:
    Bert Webb- and son Jim Webb
    Elton McCulough- Charlie Taylor
    Roy Parker – Bill Day
    David Bacon
    Cherry Creek Radio

    Office Staff:
    Wanza Parks
    Virginia Daniels
    Betty Hayes
    Charla Davis
    Kayla Hall Taylor
    Peggy Vineyard


    1966 the “Lock Show” form may 1966 to 1967, Mike Lockwood, he worked with Elton McCulough, Bill Day and Carols “Wayne” Cotton.

    Tyson Clemons
    Rusty Carnes
    Joe Bradshaw
    Tommy Jenkins
    Bill Roard
    Ed Lane
    Dusty Rhoades
    Dean Cox
    Jim Abbey
    Sam Waring
    Ken Ripley
    David Hodges
    Jerry Parks
    Mike Millsap
    Peggy Vineyard
    Mickie Wayne
    Justin Fanncannon
    Kevin Burch
    Brent Hagood
    Chris Tackett
    David Chapman
    Gary Hughes
    Frankie Morea
    Judy Scott
    Dawson Hicks
    Samantha Newton
    Mike Allen
    Jay Evett
    Kim Lilley
    Taylor Stephenson
    Fawn Phillips
    Matt Sweeny
    Bill Cole
    Greg Fields
    Linda Pardman
    Marcus Nettleon
    Sandy Underwood
    Ross Harris
    Rebecca Moore
    Phillip Moore
    Patricia Harris
    Marcia Glasgow
    Daisy Martinez
    Ronnie Hicks

    The “Lock Show” ran from May 1966 to Sept. 1967. I worked with Elton McCulough, Bill Day and Carlos “Wayne” Cotton for most of the time. I trained the late Tyson Clemons to take my place. I went on the work at KLEN AM & FM Killeen, TX, Burnet, TX AM, and KQTV Borger, TX. I then got into TV at KHFI Channel 26 in Austin and KPRC TV in Houston as a news photographer with Kay Bailey (Hutchinson) as my reporter.

    She obviously moved on the bigger things and so did I not in the media business. I retired last year as the NASA Contracting Officer for the International Space Station (ISS) here in Houston Clear Lake. Good luck with the celebration. Nice to hear from you. “The Lock” From Chris Bloyd

    Elton McCulough, Bill Day, Rusty Carnes and Joe Bradshaw trained him. (He Betty Hayes or Hanes was the secretary ???) I asked him about Sam Waring and Jim Abbey and he said they came after he left. He started around 70-71. He said he worked 364 days in a row only taking one day off to go to his sisters wedding June 19. I think he worked up until he left for SFA in the fall of ’71.

    About Fredda Jones

    Fredda Davis Jones was raised “in the country” in Comanche County and learned very early that creativity and innovation are traits that can flourish even in small-town Texas and that with enough effort, indeed nothing is impossible, including being married to the same man for over 40 years! Rickey and Fredda have 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and a crazy life that includes sitting in the bleachers several times a week. The rest of her time is spent creating great content for texansunited.com and marketing small-town Texas.
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    2 Responses to KCOM 15.50 AM Celebrates 51st Birthday!

    1. Missy Jones says:

      My family and I, my mother, Mrs. Cox, my sister, Geneva Mercer and I have fond memories of KCOM. These people at the other end of the microphone were friends, and not just a voice coming out of the ether. We loved calling in for favorite songs to be played, and KCOM has done so much for the community, I mention in particular the “Cherry Pie auction”, held each year. and, my sister, Geneva Mercer was the winner several times with her famous Cherry Pie. Jerry Parks was a favorite, as well as Bill Day. Only in a small town like Comanche could so many people speak to us every day and we always felt as if we knew them personally. Missy Jones

    2. Tommy Jenkins says:

      This is kinda cool to find this article. I have great memories of KCOM. The radio bug never left me since that first airshift on KCOM back in 1978. Still working today in radio. The only on air stuff I do is produce the morning news cast’s at KWEL in Midland, Texas to kinda keep my finger in that side of the business which is my first love. But moved over into engineering and currently at a radio group in San Antonio, Texas as Chief Engineer. KCOM was actually where I started dabbling into the engineering side of radio. Great memories.
      Tommy E. Jenkins

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