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    It’s scary. Actually, it’s really scary, and I’m not sure that most Americans have even an inkling of the fact that giving up even one freedom makes it easier to lose a second, and then a third so you can imagine that I sent up a gasp when I saw the headline:

    ‘Orwellian’: Proposed Gun Law in Washington State Calls on Police to Inspect the Homes of ‘Assault Weapon’ Owners

    I’ve said it on this blog many times, but I’ll say it again. I wish assault weapons had never reached the public market; however, they did, and they are legal. The idea that any American state government would decide that it has the right to do “inspections” in the homes of legal residents who own legal property in this  country should terrify the proverbial hell out of every single one of us, gun advocate or not.

    While Washington state does seem to have the market cornered on preposterous, anti-American antics, it seems that both Missouri and California governments are considering legislation that would allow for the confiscation of semi-automatic rifles and yes, this does REALLY begin to step on a lot of toes, doesn’t it?

    And does anyone want to explain to me exactly how either of these states can confiscate the weapons of those who plan to use them illegally? Of course you can’t because no one knows the answer to that. The only guns that will be confiscated will be those of the people who bought them legally and probably will always use them in that manner.

    I’ll close in the same way that I opened: It’s scary. Actually, it’s really scary.

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    2 Responses to Law To Allow Police To Inspect Your Home

    1. Roy Proctor says:


      I read and enjoyed your article….. “I’ve said it on this blog many times, but I’ll say it again. I wish assault weapons had never reached the public market”. I’m not sure why you call them assault weapons….perhaps you can explain to me. These are knockoffs of military style rifles and are semi-automatic in nature. The word “assault” is a manufactured tag name by liberals.
      Roy Proctor

      • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

        Roy, I may absoutely parroting what I read and hear. I suppose what I mean are those weapons that I saw demonstrated recently on television. It appeared that they were “mini-submachine” type guns. As you can tell, I am very ignorant on guns past the type we own and use.

        My real point is simply that when the government is allowed to take away a Constitutional right of the people, it becomes easier to take a second and then taking number 10 will be no problem for them at all.

        Of course, there are those who believe my reasoning is way off…and I tend to believe that their belief is very naive…so here we are…

        Thanks so much for commenting!

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