• Learning To Live With Porcupines

    PORCUPINEA friend from Comanche, Texas sent me the following. I thought you might enjoy it!


    The weather was unbelievably cold, bringing death to many of the animals who lived in the wilds. The porcupines, however, realized that they must huddle together in groups if they were to have a chance at survival.

    As they snuggled closely together, trying to warm themselves, they found that they were each pricked by the quills of the nearest porcupine. Unable to stand the sharp pricks inflicted by their neighbors, the porcupines soon moved farther and farther apart.

    It wasn’t long until some began to die from the cold. Those who were left had to make a very difficult decision. They could either learn to live with the sharp pricks from the quills of the others, or they could die.

    The porcupines that were left decided that they could live with the small wounds inflicted by their neighbors in order to gain warmth from them and ultimately survive.

    Of course, there is a lesson to be learned from the story of the porcupines. The best relationships are not the ones that bring together perfect people. No, the best relationships occur when people learn to live with the little imperfections of others, keeping the focus on the strong points rather than the weak.

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