Letter From Mary Ann Nabers Brashear 1-26-1869

T.J. Nabers

T.J. Nabers

The following was written by Mary Ann Nabers Brashear and her husband Simeon Brashear (from Weston Missouri)  to Mary Ann’s parents, Thomas Jefferson (T.J.)and Lucy Nabers, and some of her siblings, who lived in Comanche, Texas. I have kept it as true to form as is possible in Word Press; however, I have added a few more spaces for easier reading. Paper was harder to come by in 1869, and nothing was wasted, of course.

Weston, Mo. Jan. 26,th/69
Dear Father & Mother,

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I seat myself this evening to answer your kind and interesting letter, it found us well, and happy to hear of your good health, but sorry to hear of Fannies illness. I have nothing strange or interesting to write.

We have moved to the city of Weston; it is a very pretty place but I would much rather be in the quiet little Town of Comanche; I would like very much to be there to attend your sunday school, & singing, I have not heard a methodist sermond since I left Comanche, though I am now livng in sight of a very fine ME church

Mother, I would like it very much to be there to eat beef with you though, it will be a long time before I will be with you all again or at least it seams so to me you must kiss maggy for me and don’t let her forget me thoug[h] I fear She will it will be so long before I get back home again, give love all of the children, & except a due portion yourselves, write soon

                                        As ever Your daughter MA Brashear [Mary Ann]

Dear Sister
I write you a few lines, in answer to your kind and interesting letter I have nothing of interest to write as you said a bout com…news is scarse here; I would enjoy your singing very much if I was there I was a little surprised to hear of S.C. Barcroft marriage, from what you say a bout the beaus they must be scars [scarce], I think for the sake of having a beau you might let J.S. go with you one time.

I think it would gratify him very much don’t you Fannie. I have learned how to make three or four kinds of croshia [crochet?], I have enough made to go in a pair of drawers for you and Dora, give my love to Mr. And Mrs. James and tell them I want to see them very much; and I so give grandma Ross and family my love,

tell Allie to be Shure and not marry J.S. until I get back for I want to be at the wedding my respect to Mrs Gravis and family tell her that I say she not wish to be in Mexico for she would find a warmer place than com is; write soon and give me all of the news give my respects to all of my old friends, as ever your sis. Mollie B.

Well Fannie: I am vary sorry that cupid has shed all his arrows, but mind that he dosent yet fix one in his bow that will yet Sebd a shaft that may stick deep in your heart—if that other one has no sutch darts, as I speak of, how about that young singing Teacher, he may have one that may prove more effective…well Sis you must not Slight your old friend____ ____ ____ [J? Stone?] for you know he is vary stilish and he is a Brother to the “Col.” ___. Jhonson? Sends his best respect to you and say best regards to Allie, give my respects to Granma Boyd and family, nothing more I am as ever your Brother

                                            SRB [Simeon Brashear )brother-in-law]

Well Dora and Jimmie I write a few lines in answer to your short letter I was glad to get a letter from you if ever so short Well Jimmie I think you have improved greatly in your writing you must be a god boy and learn all you can at your sunday school so I will close you and Dora must both write to me a gain your sister Mary

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