Levi Simmie (b. 1875) & Annie Loubina Williams Adcock (b. 1878)

Levi Simmie Adcock, son of Augustus Adcock and Adeline (Hefner) Adcock, was born in Pyeatt, Marion County, Arkansas on June 29, 1875. With his parents and brothers, he moved to Comanche County, Texas in 1889 at the age of fourteen. He told the story many times of the troubles they had floating their wagons across rivers; however, to him and his brothers it was fun at the time.

Levi Simmie & Annie Loubina Williams Adcock

Levi Simmie & Annie Loubina Williams Adcock

Annie Loubina Williams, daughter of Francis Boyer Williams and Maranda Jane (Taylor) Williams, was born in Williamson County, Texas on August 19, 1878. She married L.S. Adcock in Comanche County, Texas on December 21, 1899. They lived a short time near Newburg before settling near Gustine where they raised their family on farmland located on Holmsley Creek.

Once in early 1900, not long before their first children were born, Annie and sister-in-law, Alice, wife of Rufus, were staying together while L.S. and Rufus were hunting. Late that night the horses began raising a riot, so the girls went out to see what the trouble was. They found nothing out of the ordinary, so after quieting the stock, they returned to the house. They were met at the door by a huge wildcat. According to L.S., it was a question of who was more scared—the girls or the cat! L.S. still laughed about this many years later when telling his grandchildren the story.

Children born to L.S. and Annie were:

1. Walsie Opal (7-23-1900) married Charles V. Jones, one child.
2. Oather Lee (12-31-1901) married Edith Cottrell, no children.
3. Ruby Pearl (11-28-1903) never married; she taught school in Texas for over forty years.
4. Arthur E. “Hot” (3-09-1906) married Lucille Cox, two children.
5. Doyle O. (5-09-1911) married Delma Bain, six children.
6. Trudie Elaine (4-23-1913) married (1) Caswell Lee Williford and (2) Bobby Lee Daughtry, three children and two stepchildren.
7. Levi Simmie, II (6-08-1916) married Geraldine Hutchinson, one child. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II.

Annie and an unnamed daughter died on November 27, 1918, during an influenza outbreak. They are buried in a common grave in the Union Cemetery, near Gustine. After Annie’s death the two younger children, Elaine and L.S., II, lived with grandparents, Augustus and Adeline Adcock, until Adeline’s death a year later. When Elaine started school, L.S., II also began, spending his first years being “baby-sat” by the teacher, Miss Ethyl Mayes.

L.S. never remarried and continued to farm for many years, raising their children in the family home and sending several to college. He was assisted on the farm by many of his children and their families before he retired from farming. He lived the last ten years of his life with daughter, Ruby. Levi Simmie Adcock died in Lamesa, Dawson County, Texas on October 23, 1958. He is buried beside Annie in the family plot in the Union Cemetery, Gustine, Texas. L.S. and Annie’s farm near Gustine is presently owned by grandson, Harold Dean Adcock.

This info came to me from the late Doris Newberry of Bend, Texas. She was a great genealogist!

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