With Liberty And Cell Phones For All

A few months ago, I told some friends that I had recently heard that cell phones were being provided to the poor via the government. I was laughed out of the room, and even I began to wonder if I had dreamed the whole thing…apparently not.

Today’s Abilene Reporter (Abilene, Texas) carries a quarter of a page ad with the exact info that I had given my friends. Of course, my first question is simple in the extreme: ARE WE NOT BROKE?

Actually, what this ad tells me is that yet another company has picked up yet another government contract and we the American people will have our tax dollars squandered yet again.

Don’t get me wrong; I have a cell phone as do my husband, my children, their spouses, etc. The big difference here is that we all manage to pay our own bills each month without a thought to old Uncle Sam. Of course, we are also all smart enough to understand that carrying a cell phone is a privelege, not a right guaranteed us by our government…the same government who is BTW supposed to be cutting expenses as I type.

I understand putting milk into the mouths of starving children; I’ve done it myself. I also understand helping the victims of fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, and other disasters; I’ve done it myself. I understand seeing to the needs of our elderly indigent; I’ve done that myself also.

HOWEVER, I do not understand providing cell phones to anyone. Where am I missing this boat that is obviously sailing without me?

P.S. In case you are wondering, 250 minutes are free each month; 250 more minutes may be purchased for $5.00 per month.

About Fredda Jones

Fredda Davis Jones was raised “in the country” in Comanche County and learned very early that creativity and innovation are traits that can flourish even in small-town Texas and that with enough effort, indeed nothing is impossible, including being married to the same man for over 40 years! Rickey and Fredda have 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and a crazy life that includes sitting in the bleachers several times a week. The rest of her time is spent creating great content for texansunited.com and marketing small-town Texas.
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26 Responses to With Liberty And Cell Phones For All

  1. Margorie says:

    Please tell me this is a joke!

  2. Jean LeBlanc says:

    I do not think the government has any idea how much money this is. If it were out of their personal bank account it would stop. I have members of my family that cannot afford a cell phone and they do without. They are a one income family (single father wife died in November), one student in high school and one in college. He is struggling to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, gas in his car to go to work, and rest of the monthly bills that come in. With a salary of less than $20 hour and housenote $740. I know that is his problem, BUT he pays taxes and could really use some help. Big government waste so much money and they really do not care as it does not effect them. It’s true poor people need to eat and see doctors, but cell phone…don’t think so!

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      You know, Jean, we did without cell phones for a long time, and we all managed to function just fine. Don’t get me wrong, they do make life easier; however, at the same time that Congress is supposedly trying to figure out a way to keep this country afloat, these people are also advertising that they will purchase and maintain cell phones. It is beyone amazing to me! Are there no sane people running this country?

  3. Steve Clemons says:

    Such a shame our leaders are irresponsible in such tought times throwing money away for foolish items instead of shelter and food right here in America . OUR tax dollars at work making them our political leaders look good at our expense

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I’m with you, Steve. Don’t get me wrong; we all have a responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves…BUT…that does not include making sure every kid has a cell phone in his pocket!

  4. Chuck Ratliff says:

    I earned money and bought a boat. Wonder if we should supply everyone with a boat?

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I would really like to sit down and hear Congress’ reasoning because I’d like to know where it all stops because you could be right, Chuck; a boat could be next.

  5. Lavoy Masters says:

    I was shocked when I heard this last fall. This is an insult to hard working families. When are we going to do something about this out of control government??? We have A cellphone, only use it for travel. Otherwise it is turned off!

  6. Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

    Lavoy, I agree. Don’t get my wrong, in a perfect world everyone would have whatever was needed. However, it is not a perfect world and we are broke.

    I would love to hear from some on the other side, however, just to see the reasoning on this.

  7. Dennis Marken says:

    Why would this surprise anyone??? The feds/Dem/Rep have got to get votes and votes are easy to buy these days with our money. If this was the worst they got away with I would be happy. Too make this KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Keep voting in Dem/Rep. That way nothing has to change. If you want to get a look at the root of the problem; look in the mirror. American people sold there backbones after Vietnam.

    The government is mainly an expensive organization to regulate evildoers and tax those who behave and bow to the estab. parties. Government does little for fairly respectable people except annoy, incarcerate and steal from them. Remember, 2012 vote Rep/Dem. Why change anything. Life is so easy if you just flow in the waste with everybody else.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      Okay. Dennis, you’ve laid out the problem, but I’m not seeing any answers here. What would you have the American people do, and how do you get them to come together?

      Of course, you know my thoughts: I don’t believe most Americans are informed enough to even know they’ve been put in a pot and the heat has now been turned on. And yes, this includes both the D’s and the R’s.

      What’s the answer? As long as people allow the media to feed them what little they know about what goes on in this country, they will never be able to make informed decisions on anything.

      • Dennis Marken says:

        First turn off the government controlled TV/radio airways then do the unthinkable; research/read. Next, as parents and concerned citizens insist that history and government be factual when taught in public schools. Next speak out and accept others point of view. If they are wrong it is easy to correct them. Just do what I stated in the first line. You are right, few americans are informed enough, but if families and schools would work together many of the problems would be solve. Americans are so concerned with being PC in some cases people sue each other if they are offended. That is good reasoning. Don’t tell me what you really think; I’ll sue you. Next, anytime and I mean anytime a person runs for public office they should be asked questions such as; “Do you support term limits?”, Do you believe in the 2nd and 3rd admendments?” “Oh yes, would you tell me what the say!” So that none of you get you panties in an uproar these are just examples. The above would go a long way ruling out the bad apples. Next, vote out of the box (Dem/Rep.) Not everyone but the ones you checked out and like. Of course that would require people to do a little research. God help them. No Fredda it will not happen all at once but even if it is a bit slow, it is better than where we are heading.

        For a start read “Saving the Bill of Rights” Frank Miniter.

  8. Lavoy says:

    I was pleased to read that your Governor has asked those who can to go to Houston’s

    Reliant Stadium on Aug. 6 to fast, pray and repent. I hope it starts a return to the

    faith this country was founded on! I believe that is our only hope.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I don’t know, Lavoy. Bringing out the Bible seems to bring out a lot of rage in people…maybe on the state level, people will go for it. However, you’ve seen how national politiians who call on God are crucified, no pun intended. The national media just will not stand for it, or at least most media outlets will not.

  9. Kerry Dudley says:

    Not even no, but HELL no! What happened to the days of saving for items and purchasing them when you could afford them? Out the window. TJ will say not everyone can do the Dave Ramsey plan, but if more of us would even TRY to live on less than what we make, at least the citizens of this fair country would be in better shape than the government!!!

    The only third party making a dent right now is the Tea Party movement and it’s closely linked to the conservative republicans. Sound minded officials–if there are any left–should not sign on to drinking the kool aid coming from the present administration.

    NO ONE is entitled to a cell phone unless they’ve earned it themselves. I would make the exception for abused spouses, but then there’s a program for recycling phones to them.

    Somehow, someway, we’ve GOT to keep at the ones serving us to alert them to the fact they ARE INDEED serving WE THE PEOPLE!!! Put the country on a no sugar added diet….no frills unless you can pay cash….no raising the debt limit…..cut the budget and eliminate the fraud…hard line departments duplicating each others work…audit books to see where the fraud is. Heck, LC, a friend of mine DID that for the IRS and investigated all kinds of businesses in the private sector. I say it’s past time for us to do the same with the government at hand.

    Kerry <

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      Kerry, do you remember when we were young and the Twilight Zone was a weekly show on television? There was one where a woman could see what was going on around her and she screamed and screamed and no one could hear or see her. That is exactly what is happening with our political leaders today.

      And, of course, it is fairly easy because those of us who are screaming have to get up every day and go to work. What we really need to do is shut the country down for a week by walking off and going to Washington…not with any party, including the tea party, just as citizens who are fed up with stupidity. Of course we don’t do that because we are responsible people who don’t walk off of the job and who need to work so we can pay our OWN bills!

  10. Sam Vineyard says:

    Although I don’t see the need for the government to even offer cell phones to low income people or for that matter, anyone else. They can find a lot of this kind of thing to cut from the budget and help balance the Federal budget. But before ANYTHING is cut from a domestic program, all foreign aid should be cut off and not one dollar sent overseas. Have you ever looked up how much money is sent to other countries? It boggles the mind. At the time the bridge collapsed over the Mississippi River a few years ago and Congress said our bridges over here were all getting old and dangerous, but we did not have the money to fix them, and at that time we were building bridges and schools in Iraq for them. At the start of the war in Iraq we sent C130 plane loads of cash over there to use for bribes and other things. Now keep in mind that a C130 cargo plane can only haul $2.4 million in $100 bills at a time. When the last accounting was made, there were over $6 Billion of those funds missing and no one could account for it.

    I have wrote my Congressmen and Senators telling them to cut all foreign aid before any cuts are made in domestic programs, but all you hear about on the news is domestic cuts.

    The best thing I can see is to elect at every election the new guy or woman that is running and keep on doing so to show the elected ones that even though they will not pass term limits for Congress, the people will do so from the ballot box. We need to show them that being elected to congress is honor and privilege and they should serve their term and then go home and go back to work. They will not do it but our elected officials should not have any form of retirement or benefits from serving in office. We need to make believers of elected officials that the people still run this country and not the political parties.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      Somewhere I have a list of the aid we send other countries, and I am not talking about disaster aid. I mean aid even to those countries who hate us and would love nothing more than to erase us from the planet. Kind of boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

  11. We really need to pray for God to send us leadership in government! Please keep us posted Fredda. Love your blogging!

  12. Sam Vineyard says:

    I recieved an email today with a video from a news cast from: This from WSB TV 2 in Atlanta, an ABC affiliate……

    In the news cast they had gotten a tip about a possible news story about the government sending a lot of money to Egypt. At a time when the U.S. is broke and having to borrow money to pay thier bills and at a time when it looks like all domestic programs are facing a 25% cut in funding, our State Dept. is giving Egypt $770 Million dollars to help them remodel some of their Monsques. And over here, not one dime of government money is allowed to be used in having the 10 Commandments even on government properity. It was a very interesting news cast. Take note that the money came through our State Dept. which has a fund of $billions to use for such things as this and is not ever put on the news so we will know about where our money is going.

    If the government is going to give other countries all that money, why not give our citizens cell phones? Something is very wrong with all of this and goes need to be changed.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      Everywhere I go lately, Sam, people are screaming about these things. However, it seems to me that we must do more if we truly want to take control of our government.

      Of course, most of us go to work everyday so that we can pay our bills, and Congress gets a pass because we are busy. I recognize the sarcasm in you last statement and your frustration. Soooo, help us figure out what to do about it, PLEASE!

      • Sam Vineyard says:

        It’s simple get together and at every election vote all the older ones out and vote in someone from a third party, and I don’t mean fromt he tea party either. Unless it gets so bad that an armed rebellion is the last straw, then voting the long term people out is about the only thin g we can do at this point and the only thing that politicans will listen to. Losing an election.

    • Fredda Jones Fredda Jones says:

      I actually watched this video and I am thinking about posting it so all can see.

  13. We the people need to just listen to God’s word and pray!

    Zec 8:8 And they shall be My people, and I will be their God, in truth and in righteousness.

    Heb 8:10 “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My Laws into their mind and write them in their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

    We are all one people in Christ!

    Zec 2:11 And many nations shall be joined to Jehovah in that day, and shall be My people; and I will dwell in your midst, and you shall know that Jehovah of Hosts has sent me to you.

    It may sound as foolishness to some but that doesn’t suprise me either!

    1Co 2:14 But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    I pray that all will ask God to heal our land and send us leaders that prayerfully consider God’s will in all that we do as a nation.

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